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Usually when we think about animals and disease, we think about illnesses that they transmit to us – like swine flu or Lyme disease. But illness is often a two-way street, and while animals can pass pathogens to us, we can also pass our own pathogens to animals.

Hosted by: Hank Green

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Mountain gorilla:


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Comments (31)

  1. the part he doesn't mention is half the monkeys take 2x aslong but now have a natural way to fight the measles not a way to modify it making it a issue later

  2. Great. So unvaccinated ppl can spread their germs on animals who can graciously return the gift virulent and deadly.
    I'd seriously consider making antivaxers criminals.

  3. The "swine flu" almost killed me. It, directly and indirectly, caused so much damage to my body that it took over two years to mostly fully recover. I never did fully recover to my previous self. The typical flu virus only makes me slightly sick for maybe 2-4 days tops. The swine flu was something my body just couldn't handle apparently. I was sick for three weeks. Couldn't eat. Couldn't walk (too weak). Ran a rather high fever the entire time.

  4. We also spread diseases that only infect animals. Chytrid for example is decimating the worlds populations of amphibians and it is being spread by humans as they travel. It started in South America and now has been detected on nearly every continent minus Antarctica. I found one of the only cases in Kentucky 2 years ago as it infected a population of America Toads. It's horrible to see the skin just falling off of these animals and knowing that you can't do anything about it. The disease was confirmed by an independent lab after I took samples and shipped them to be tested. All because of people and their need to travel. I carry around a bottle of ammonia solution (ammonium hydroxide, 3%) to spray my shoes, hands and all of my equipment when I go herping (searching for reptiles and amphibians. Herping is a slang term derived from herpetology, the study of reptiles and amphibians.) Snake fungal disease is another disease that we keep spreading that doesn't affect us. There's nothing like finding a snake with its head covered in scabs to the point that it can no longer feed. Resulting in higher rodent populations, and there is no cure for either of these diseases. Scientists are pulling out all the stops to find cures for them, Though by the time it is found it may be too late and most of these beautiful animals who hold many secrets and possible cures for hundreds if not thousands of diseases like breast cancer, diabetes, ace inhibitors, etc. It also seems that most people do not care, which is a damn shame. 😞

  5. "Don't vaccinate the gorillas! They'll get autism!"

    Yeah, this is gonna be a fun time indeed. Thanks for giving us a new power move against antivaxxers. This will be absolutely hilarious! x'D

  6. I’m not gonna lie all of this was important information but I think that I’m going to start calling people I don’t like “disease reservoirs”

  7. So antivaxxers not only endanger themselves, they're children, and people around them, they also endanger the environment. Way to go idiots

  8. Why can the phrase "human waste left near remote research stations" even be uttered as a thing that happens? Aren't these the people who ought to know better than to be leaving garbage around their site? It's honestly completely absurd to me that this happens, it seems like one of the most obvious and easy things to no do, not to forget one of the most important.

  9. “Reverse zoonoses” is incorrect, it’s actually “anthroponoses” (anthro=Human, noses=disease) Edit: I’m a Master of Public Health student who spent a year specializing in infectious diseases, including zoonoses

  10. AYYY LMAO THE THUMBNAIL is me as a kid! My uncle is a photographer and he took that picture of me when I was at my grandmothers house, and he caught me LEGITIMATELY mid sneeze. he’s been proud of it forever lmao.

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