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  1. echoで出してもデザイン崩れないでしょうに・・流石の自分でも・・

  2. Where is buckey? These tutorials are too slow. Its tutorial 9 and still I haven't written a line of code! Im not a fan an will learn php via another series!

  3. I can somewhat understand the frustration, like someone said 7 minutes to explain opening and closing tags? But I mean, a complete noob to computer science will find this additional commentary useful….the only thing is as of thus i don't see php as an entry level language

  4. Hey bud, stupid question…. why I know why it would expect a semi colon (;).. but why would it expect a comma (,)? cheers 🙂

  5. view the source of the output page and make sure your html is properly formed.

  6. Hi, noobie here. Ive been trying to do this, however its not working.
    If i echo test in strong tags
    It displays test, however not in bold. I can't seem to figure it out. I was thinking it may be something to do with the config.ini file or something.

  7. Hi. I have been creating test.php Notepad documents in the htdocs folder and still cannot get the bloody echo's to work. I only get the 404 error! Can anayone help me?!

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