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  1. Yessssss… I got the job that I wanted today! 🙂 🙂 I'm dealing with an Aries. I am only focusing on meeeee, things are looking great 🙂 thank you!!

  2. I believe the resentment feeling in regards to my Capricorn is his mother. She stopped answering her phone last week so the family put it on him to send police to well check. Then she blather ed how he must still love her… ofcourse he does…but her energy suck is what he has put bpundaries on long ago.. he addressed the concern..but he is resentful toward her plating victim for attention. We have a lot going on.

  3. I watched last years video in Virgo season and you really helped initiate projects even into my new year I nailed them thanks to your advice, I slayed them haha, I appreciated that message to focus more and refine my skills on a project, one by one I completed them and also did some research on my Astrology and found out I'm an MC Virgo " Explains why I prestudy for jobs, why I use so much water lol and why I am so business, business, business at all times on the grind. I love that this Saturn thing is so done with haha love it!

  4. Yes I understand. I welcome all changes coming my way. I only work 32.5 hrs a week. Get paid good. I enjoy my job. Love my bosses. They are good people. Yeah she was playing games. And cheating. Using dementia as a excuse. She's very immature.

  5. That's what it's getting me. I lost a scholarship in Portugal (Human Research), because I was afraid of moving and left my parents alone. Now, I'm thinking of studying back again, my first career (Law).

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