Bit of a Ding Dong with Sue Perkins on the brand new 2020 R1M in Jerez. Full review incoming!
Massive thanks to Raymond Schouten for filming this! Legend πŸ™‚

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  1. The Jerez R1 R1M videos are coming out thick and fast..but oh boy,these three bikes on thise video are causing a symphony of sound that has seen me watching the video over 10 times already…got to lo e the crossplane sound.
    Great video guys!!!

  2. Great riding all round save the optimistic late braking lunge and near oops. I reckon the camera guy had the best lines and could've had both of you. Top stuff though, loved it!!

  3. For quite a long time now you guys have made better contents than MCN, and with great audio/video quality, not something from the late 90s like MCN still do. But on top of making also everything much funnier, you can also have a good time on track, with just about the same times as we all could see here. I wonder why MCN still refuses to make XXI century quality content. Sad, but that does nothing but emphasize how great 44Teeth is.

  4. Why are so many bashing MCN? You do know there's room on YouTube for both channels don't you. Or after watching Justin Bieber all day do you onlyΒ have time forΒ one motorcycle review channel.

  5. Great video. The bike sounds soooooo good. I can't help but wince and cringe everytime the throttle is pinned on exit. All those zeros and ones electronic doo dahs traction control. Waiting for it to miss calculate something and the rider gets ejected into space. Still can't get my head away from big bhp and no aids. Its great but that trust takes big goolags. Good work.

  6. R1m sounds fantastic…but unfortunately falls short of the other super sports in its bracket for overall performance

  7. Pretty great rabbit to chase! I think I've missed all the end od year track day opps now. Just heading back to blighty this wkend

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