Meetup Game Details:
Sunday, October 20
2pm until whenever (usually 10-11pm end)
Call in to MD Live poker room to get on the 3/5 MUG list

PKC Giveaway Details:
– Sign up here:
– US/CA players only
– Sign up and play period is Oct 4 – Oct 31
– Open to new AND existing players in the UPROAR community
– Mid-tier prizes: 2 month sub to CrushLivePoker – just register
– Top prize: (TEASER) Register and play 1,000 hands at 1/2/4¥+ (60nl equivalent) OR 500+ hands at 5/10/20¥+ (300nl equivalent) – no zoom
– ANY QUESTIONS: Message me on Telegram @MattPKC

Join the biggest Chinese poker app with tons of action here: – and now accepting US and CA players!!!! (But NOT from the following US states: WA, DE, PA, NJ, NV.) Make SURE you use invite code 563BS when you register or we’ll have to add you to the community manually. Use the link above to download on mobile or tablet (or use an emulator on a desktop/laptop).

Instructions for downloading/registering as well as deposit instructions:

HAVING TROUBLE?? Follow the instructions below, and reach out to me on Telegram ( @MattPKC if you have any additional questions or want to join a community of people playing on the app!

Recommended for Deposits:
Sign up for Coinbase and get $10 free when you buy or sell $100 worth of bitcoin here: (or your preferred BTC wallet), connect a payment method, purchase Bitcoin. Then send your BTC to an intermediary wallet (since Coinbase frowns on gambling transactions)

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  1. Meetup Game Details:
    Sunday, October 20
    2pm until whenever (usually 10-11pm end)
    Call in to MD Live poker room to get on the 3/5 MUG list

  2. Anyone that wants to play some cash games with a group of REAL HUMANS download pokerrrr2 app and join club Pv2pe. Mention this post for a free $50 when you play 100 hands. We also have multiple made hand bonuses upto $250 and a progressive bad beat bonus that just started at $500 and will have no cap.

  3. Love your graphics (including your stack and position 🤘🤓) and frame of mind per hand . You Definitely have a niche in most others 👍🤓

  4. Hey Matt! On that AKss hand the river definitely wasn’t a 6 because I had 76dd in my hand (not 74dd) and I would have for sure checked back there. I mean I’m an idiot but I’m folding 74 pre in that spot, lol. Nice vlog man! Til next time

  5. The cameo of my stack at 18:52

    Awesome vlog dude. Appreciate everything you do and getting to know you on and off the felt.

    Best of luck to everyone there Sunday.. I can’t make it so your chips are safe

  6. Quote of the vlog, ‘I think we have optionality here’. Def need to find a way to use that at work or at table.

    ‘Got an assignment for you,’ ‘Hmm, I think I have optionality here!’

  7. Im going to have to try and make one of these meet ups sometime! Dan Zach is the man! Tread very careful at his table! Also Nice click-bait! Im tired of hearing about Postle! LOL.

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