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  1. maybe you could put links in the descriptions for a better solution to hacks of message form/fields?

  2. trying to use this code on a page i'm working on in code pen, and the php code is showing up as plain text on my page…. but only at the "all fields required" bit, and beyond. any ideas why? i'm new to coding and newer to php, so this may be a silly issue on my end.

  3. What exactly does the regex inside the preg match function do? My understanding is that the r looks for carriage returns and n looks for linebreaks. So is the function looking for any spaces that were entered into name and email? But why do that when you're already using the trim function which gets rid of spaces.

  4. nice clear tutorial…just one question, my contact form is in my footer so on the href can I just put #contact rather than a url to another page. I am creating a simple design portfolio site and its just one page with anchor tags to go down the page to relevant areas.

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