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*YES these are hair cutting scissors
*My hair is very course and thick – these techniques may not look good on fine or thin hair
*I only curled the ends so you can see the layers. It still looks great straight 🙂

This is how I’ve cut my hair for the past 5 years 🙂 !

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Hello my loves!! I was long over due for a hair cut 😀 I decided to do an update on how I cut layers in my hair!! I bought these scissors a few days ago because I’ve really needed a hair cut. I have been doing my own hair for years!! This is my own technique that has worked for ME! TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK! My tip is to take only a little off at a time. That way there are no big mistakes. I also recommend having someone help you if it’s your first time. I hope you guys enjoy this video!! I love you all!!! XOXO Carli

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  1. Appreciate your hair remedies. Admire your gorgeous ❤️ beauty and lovely hair. Thanks . Would you like to friends with you. Please.

  2. This was perfect, thank you! Leaving the bottom layer untouched is SO important!!! I just cut my super long hair using the ponytail on the forehead method and it worked for layers BUT my bottom layer is WAY TOO THIN!!! Wish I’d remembered this… Oh well, my hair grows fast. Next time gonna pull out the bottom section.

  3. Rewatching in 2019 cuz your recent video was so satisfying 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  4. WOW! YOU ARE GORGEOUS! I'm a retired hairdresser and absolutely love your technique and admire your tenacity to boldly layer your beautiful long hair. I'm not sure if I am even there yet but, maybe after taking a few pain pills, I would be able to withstand holding up my arms and cutting my own long hair as well. Congratulations darling on a job well done. 👍👏🍃🌹🍃💇‍♀️

  5. You are absolutely Not explaining this process well whatsoever. No way I’d hack at my hair after just watching this. CraZ

  6. Purchased the Zala Pony for my girlfriends wedding. I used their colour match service, while I was a little skeptical with the colour they advised I ordered anyway, Man I am glad I did, it matched perfectly. I am so excited to wear it. I want to buy all their extensions now!!

  7. I have purchased many different Hair Extensions with Zala Hair Extensions, and they are always beautiful, thick and easy to wear, I keep coming back again and again. The volumizer is great for that added X-factor, very discreet. Love it!!!

  8. "I have purchased tape & clip in hair extensions multiple times from Zala over the years and I have always been so impressed with the quality and service that I keep coming back.
    My new extensions came in THE NEXT DAY!"

  9. I don't know if anyone here in the comments has tried telling their hairdresser "I'd like my hair blonde but not too light…. yes this shade" and two hours later when you open your eyes. "Omg! Why is it grayish? I wanted it this way…" The hairdresser replies "I think you look stunning! If you want another shade you can come back in two months" Thought "$60 dollars and two months later $60 dollars again?" Lol! No way I rather cut and dye my hair at home! Let me know in your comments. Thanks! 👩‍💼
    (Edit: My hair is long so they charged me extra)

  10. As a woman who's been cutting her own hair since year 13, I have to say this was scary to watch at first, but I have to say as well that people should come to terms with the fact cutting one's hair is a personal and artistic experience. Something you are never gonna regret because it's you the one in charge and who decides how to style yourself. Why should we pay someone to enjoy our beautiful hair, wash them, handle them and then, finally, destroy them? Please. Either hairdressers become real pro or they are bound to fail.

  11. Not all hair stylist are bad. Mine gives me exactly what I want and when I say I want an inch off she shows me exactly how much an inch would be so that we're on the same page with exactly how much hair I want off. Common mistake for people to say that they just want 2-3 inches cut off not realizing how much hair that actually is and then complain that the hair stylist took off way more than needed when they cut exactly how much the client said to. I plan on going to cosmetology school and I strive to be someone who always asks what the client wants and follows exactly how they say they want their hair, as long as it's achievable. If it's not I plan on coming up with a realistic plan that makes the client comfortable and happy.

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