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  1. My gym has been bombarded by people doing hip thrusts all day, every day. As if it was invented in 2019. No matter what time I go, the smith machines as being used for hip thrusts, people removing the bars from the bench press sections to do their hip thrusts. Jeff's videos are great, as they contain actual research behind the workouts.

  2. Booty circuit

    Elevated double dumbbell deadlifts 60
    superman hold (2min)
    Squat turns (13squat jumps1 jump turn both direction full turn)
    Glute raises 60 each side
    Steps 60 each leg
    Superman hold (2 min)
    Laying clam (1 min each side )

    Fatal 4

    1.Single leg glute bridge 60/120 each leg
    2.Kick back from all 4s(60/120)
    3.Crab walks 60/120
    4.Side laying hip abuction 60/120 each side

    (In between )
    1.double Kettlebell squats on steps 30
    2.Kettlebell bulgarian split squat 30 each leg
    3.Superman exercise (on lift open & close legs reps)30
    4.jump lunges 30


    Bridges (weighted bars / weighted ball /kettlebell )60/120
    60 Bosu squats inside /outside (jump on top jump to outside squat)
    Back extension partner assist 60/120
    Elevated double dumbbell deadlifts 60
    Reverse leg lifts (open/ close leg)60/120
    Bridges on the big ball 120 (5min)

    Glute abduction machine till failure (5min)
    Helix 20 rev squat hold 10 rev stand (10Xboth direction)
    Standing Kickback glute go heavy till failure (2min each leg)
    Back extension Roman chair till failure 60
    Leg press till failure 60 (more than body weight)

  3. That program might be useful when I take a break. However, that one should be beneficial when you train hip mobility not hypertrophy.

  4. ETC

    Her hip thrust form is terrible! They quote Contreras but don't use his technique for effective thrust.

    Her glutes aren't great either.

  5. you lost me at 22 seconds when Abby demonstrated "hip extension" by kicking her leg FORWARD (hip flexion) instead of BACKWARDS (hip extension)

  6. One question… When you talk about frequency and show your week example routine (4' 24") you choose one stretcher, one activator and one pumper. And for the second day you choose one activator and two pumpers and then, two days for glute rest. Would not it be better to respect the recovery times by changing the order?

  7. 3-4 days between squats? That's a load of shit! Female weightlifters will do some form of squat everytime they train, some even squatting up to ten times per week as the snatch and C&J have a squat included and they have great legs and ass. Most studies are flawed and bias and I would prefer to look at the obvious evidence that's already there

  8. You must born with a beautiful but and of course to maintain. It's all about you muscle structure. Having short legs and a big but or wide hips wan't help even exercising 24/7

  9. I can't believe I'm hearing that 2016 study (Fisher et al) being used to justify pre-workout activation training. That study took twelve untrained individuals and had them go home and perform a gluteus maximus isolation exercise for a week, and then compared their brain activity during glute exercises before and after the training. Unsurprisingly, they found that the subjects had developed a greater neurological ability to contract the gluteus maximus. (So basically just demonstrating that neurological adaptations to exercise exist.) They did not test short term effects of such activation exercises on strength training exercises performed immediately afterwards, and they did not compare the effect of a week of these "activation" exercises to the effect of a week of glute-focused strength training. As such, it is a huge misrepresentation of this study to claim that it justifies glute activation exercises prior to a workout.

  10. really love your channel.. can you do yoga ? how flexible is your i mean if the glutes and hamstrings are really strong , does it work against flexibility, is it possible to do a full forward bend, as i heard that heavy workouts makes your body stiff and works against flexibility… how true is this ? would really appreciate some help/responses …

  11. Question on HipThrust for women: I do hip thrust on my leg day workouts and have come to do hip thrusts with 100kg. A friend of mine, told me that this is dangerous for women who have not yet given birth as it might damage their internal organs and take away chances of them getting pregnant and stuff. Sorry if this is a weird question, but I just wanted to know if this is true or not and would like some clarification on it from some professional trainers.

  12. I have a really god idea how to improve on those exercises, e.g. sprinting could involve pack of wolves and swimming speed gets massively improved if you use an good ole alligator

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