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  1. Thank you so much!! I've been searching for three days for a solution that I can understand! Plus, I love the kitty 😀

  2. Hum! I have many questions: 1) Why not code the papers with ID starting at 2 to match row to paper? 2) Why not use a 0 for a non-answer? I think this might make it easier to find out what questions were missed/unanswered? 3) Do I need a cat to make this work properly 🙂 Why did you not remove the cat so that he/she will not distract from the task at hand? 4) What if you have 20,000 paper surveys? You for got to mention that this process is good for small surveys and not humongous ones. 5) Where is the explanation of what you do with the verbatim question? Why did you end the video without explaining that? You know, you could have paused the recording of the video, finished this small survey, and then started recording with the data all entered. Don’t you think this would have been a better approach? Thanks for making this, I hope you accept this as constructive criticism.

  3. Dear Kent! I can't tell you how delighted I have been today after looking at this video 'entering questionnaire onto a spreadsheet'! I arrived for my regular volunteer session today and the manager asked me if I would be able to put data from a questionnaire onto a spreadsheet – I said 'I'm not sure – I've not done it before but I'll give it a go – I'll look on youtube!'. I found this video; which has been quite perfect! very clear, very well paced and exactly what I needed to know to do the task! It's has given such a sense of achievement and satisfaction at the end of my session to have created the spreadsheet and entered the first of many batches of questionnaires. The ability of the organisation to be able to use the results of this survey are critical in achieving an important objective next year. I just wanted to say 'thank you!'.

  4. Could you please explain the q2 a, b and c and how you coded them? I have a question in which respondents may choose more than one answer and I do not know how to deal with that part. There are 8 options concerning that question. So, question 3..q3a,b..h but the problem I encountered is how can I code them as you did?

  5. Can anyone pls explain to me: Why yes = 1 and no = 2. why not no = 0? Besides, in my questionnaire I have 3 options: Yes/ No/ No opinion, how should I put the numbers? Thank u so much for your help ^^

  6. Hi! Are you able to find the coefficient correlation and p-value using the data ? Because I have a similar questionnaire but I need to find those 2

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