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  1. Hi there. Emissions system problem detected service engine soon SPN 4364 FMI 18 do you think this may be the problem ? Its 2015 cascadia dd15 thanks

  2. Nice vid bro. I have spn 4364 with the orange engine light on. Do you think It will be fixed if i do the cleaning ?

  3. I have changed two metering units in less than a year.My truck still keeps throwing SPN 3361 Fail 07 from time to time.I have changed Air dryer too but still getting too much water out in wet tank.Has anybody faced something similar.

  4. Maaan you r the best. Easy like a surgeon, step by step went all way to the root. Thanks for ur time and good piece of info.

  5. 2016 freightliner tried this but mine was on top of the tank and it looked different I took it in to Freightliner $1667 to replace the doser.

  6. I am constantly getting code SPN 4363 and SPN 3364. usually when going uphill. The def gauge flashing light comes on and I have to regen. could this fix my problem?

  7. Is this the metering valve the same thing as a metering unit?? I have a faulty code 3561 and it says I have low current or a break in the circuit. Could it be a bad wire or something??

  8. I've seen 4364 usually I change the outlet nox sensor, but I always do scr conversion test to trouble shoot this. Because indeed nox conversion always goes down during diesel dosing on a regen. Still the same problem ?

  9. Do you know if the Dealer sales the injector?? Mine keeps on injecting DEF after turning the truck off and leaks a lot under the BOX. Anyone knows what it might be.?

  10. great video I was wonder why I get this code only when going up hill with a heavy load then after couple days code disappears

  11. I have low def pressure. I replaced the def pump about 3 months prior to getting this code. I've had the code for 3 weeks now and I replace to pnemautic switch valve from the def pump and the other screen before that. Now the pressure limiting unit. I have the def doser but haven't switched it out. Bolts feel like they might break. I haven't done this to the metering unit. Will this clear low def pressure code? Or what code was casing this?

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