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  1. Hello! I am not sure of my syntax but how would you concatenate a string variable with the $to? can I do $to = ".$cEmail.";

  2. Hi John, I tried to ad image but does not work, this is my code: $message = "Hello! This is, a rn new line rn <img alt=' src='home/limehostingco/images/suspended4.jpg" style="height: 548px; width: 1000px;' "

  3. Is there any solution:
    I have installed sendmail on my centos and be able to sent email to —–.com domain through php mail function but i can't be sent email to the particular domain like my domain is ——

  4. all bulshit ! doesn't send any email to real woprld only localy on the same machine

  5. hi is it possible to use the gmail or yahoo account for making contact form and send the email at local host, sub domain and domain?
    if yes how?
    since two weeks i am try to do this but i cannot not…

  6. Hey, great tutorial.
    I have tried this and it seem to work perfectly fine except for one thing.
    Once I sent the from email it actually doesn't send it. If i leave it blank it sends the email but it shows a long server domain.
    How can I change it so it sends the email from my email fx

  7. ok that's about sending emails but what about creating a full email system for sending and receiving emails can you make a tutorial for it?

  8. Thanks for this tutorial but for some reason my messages + subject and body is not changing. i have had a message and a subject and a body to try it out it worked. but now when I change the message it is not displaying the new message it keeps displaying the old message despite the fact that I have changed the content in my code. what could be the issue? thanks.

  9. Hello! Thanks for your weekly updates and videos through email. I am an intermidiate php learner. I now building my self to work professionally in freelance. practicing to make website like amazon, facebook, stackoverflow etc.
    When we use mail function to send mail in localhost by wamp, we need some of the setup on our computer, downloading a computer mail server, php.ini setup. But when we will be developing the real server, will I need this kind of boring setup? Or I will just go head and putting the mail function on script, then it will be done.
    One more thing, May I have some guidelines/advise about working on freelance as a php developer from you?
    Please, I strongly expect this answer. I sent many questions trough mail but I didn't get any answer till now from you(I just received a confirmation). I am a regular watcher to watch your videos. I strongly expecting a solution from you.

  10. First of all, nice tutorial for beginners, but I gotta say a few things if someone is willing to do it the "right" or better way:

    You should do it with PHPMailer (For beginners it might be a bit trickier, but it's way better and yes, you need to have a server or some knowledge of mailing stuff), since the default mail() doesn't authenticate, it's more probable that it goes to the trash by the server itself, or spam. And yes, SPF can help getting them on the Inbox but… Better doing it the right way not the "dirty way" (in my opinion). Also, I started using of Mailgun, which certifies and manages to get more inboxes, over 10,000 mails/month/domain for free, next 10,000 for only 5$… (requires doing some tricky things on the host side, for final products)

    Keep it up! Have a great day.

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