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Many organizations are accustomed to being scared at the results of their network scans and digital penetration tests, but seldom do these tests yield outright “surprise” across an entire enterprise. Some servers are unpatched, some software is vulnerable, and networks are often not properly segmented. No huge shocks there. As head of a Physical Penetration team, however, my deliverable day tends to be quite different. With faces agog, executives routinely watch me describe (or show video) of their doors and cabinets popping open in seconds. This presentation will highlight some of the most exciting and shocking methods by which my team and I routinely let ourselves in on physical jobs.
While paying the bills as a security auditor and penetration testing consultant with The CORE Group, Deviant Ollam is also a member of the Board of Directors of the US division of TOOOL, The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers. His books Practical Lock Picking and Keys to the Kingdom are among Syngress Publishing’s best-selling pen testing titles. In addition to being a lockpicker, Deviant is also a GSA certified safe and vault technician and inspector. At multiple annual security conferences Deviant runs the Lockpick Village workshop area, and he has conducted physical security training sessions for Black Hat, DeepSec, ToorCon, HackCon, ShakaCon, HackInTheBox, ekoparty, AusCERT, GovCERT, CONFidence, the FBI, the NSA, DARPA, the National Defense University, the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, and the United States Military Academy at West Point.

His favorite Amendments to the US Constitution are, in no particular order, the 1st, 2nd, 9th, & 10th.

Deviant’s first and strongest love has always been teaching. A graduate of the New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Science, Technology, & Society program, he is always fascinated by the interplay that connects human values and social trends to developments in the technical world. While earning his BS degree at NJIT, Deviant also completed the History degree program at Rutgers University.

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  1. I may have mis read the title. I I read something abut testicles. Anyways… Nice to meet you all…. Ima step back out side…

  2. Somebody I know that definently, totally, was NOT me, got into a network switch room at my university using only a pair of cheap scissors to slip the latch. They still don't know to this day.

  3. THis guy comes off as like a really annoying "rugged individualistic" libertarian douche bag type… still a neat clip though

  4. Stumbled on this video because whatever reason Youtube recommended this to me… Watched the whole thing and expected hilarity in the comments; I was not disappointed ever.

  5. Can’t remember why I clicked on that nonsense title, but that was really enlightening. I guess if someone really wants to get in, there’s always a way. And still, it feels bad not to trust a stranger. Weird.

  6. What about a cardboard cut out of a man on a stick with hand warmers on the cut out and the door should open lol

  7. 5:05 familiarise your self with the set before making a presentation. amateur hour. you couldn’t sound more disgruntled and rude if u tried. |/

  8. no interest in this video but its been on my recommended list for like half a year and wont go away

  9. I’m 37.. I learned how to get past a dead latch when I was 10. By 11 I learned how to get past bolt locks. Needless to say I got a felony for burglary by 12 🤷🏼‍♂️ but I only got smarter from there. Locks are literally ineffective..

  10. 24:38, stick a screwdriver into any lock held into a smooth door (sheet metal, laminate wood, plastic etc) like that and just twist 9/10 it will loosen the jam nut enough to where the lock will spin and open.. surprised this guy never mentioned that one.

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