Is FreeCodeCamp Worth It? Ask A Dev. Episode 40
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  1. I feel it’s worth it. I’ve developed on c# and objective c but I never learned javascript, html, or css. Because of freecodecamp I’m learning all that and I’m picking up other resources to go deeper into web development. Hopefully I’m able to land a tech job soon!

  2. So as someone who came from a coding bootcamp with zero prior knowledge that this was a thing, failed out halfway but learned front end stuff, I'm in the boat of if you don't know what you're doing, go to a bootcamp, get mentors, break your code, code always even if its just for 1 hr a day, and gradually you'll get it.

    I was astounded that most of this was actually muscle memory or in this case, brain memory through reinforced reps of just doing the smallest thing and building off it. That means pretty much any one can learn but the time frame to be proficient enough to work on your own is questionable and up for grabs.

  3. freeCodeCamp is great but there is certainly room for improvement. As a beginner with zero programming experience I was able to get the fullstack certificate in a bit over 2 months granted I averaged 4 hours a day during those two months. The big issue with freeCodeCamp is that it does not cover the under the hood stuff and does not absolutely force you to remember basics. Alot of freeCodeCamp forces you to complete a challenge with a very brief description then never comes back to that topic. First time around FCC, I barely knew anything about scope, prototypical inheritance, this, and redux and was able to finish with no issues despite each of those topics being really important. Yeah freeCodeCamp is great, but it is mostly great because of the projects and the fact that it puts you on a path to learn web development, the explanations could be greatly improved. I really did enjoy freeCodeCamp but only because I paired it with a few Udemy courses and textbooks that covered topics freeCodeCamp would rush through. In the end of the day FCC is perfect if you pair it with supplementary content. I would highly reccomend Understanding the Weird Parts of JS, both of Colt Steele's web dev courses, Anthony's node classes, and the full You Dont Know JS series as supplements. I havent bumped into a good React course but I really enjoyed Full Stack React's series.

  4. FCC is the best. DON'T BE FOOLED BY EXPENSIVE IMITATIONS! For about a year I tried a different one that charged $199/month. The coursework fell apart about half-way through. The $199/month one had lots of gaps and errors in the instruction, automated answer checking that often failed to function even if you looked ahead and typed in the exact correct answer, instructors that were always either trying to be cutesy or that looked nervous because they were unsure of the topic, at least one wrong code snippet provided to copy-paste, at least one wrong code snippet provided for a quiz, videos with little mystery changes in the code that happened in post-production video editing, wrong code on the screen in relation to what the instructor was talking about, a social engineering creep factor that was off the scale, lots of "go figure it out yourself", etc. I could go on for hours. I got all that and more for just $199/month!
    Save yourself the grief and get a solid learning environment with FCC. Every time you log on you get a little more skill. And, don't be afraid to give them a few bucks a month right from the start. They're giving you a career. Btw, I already got paid for a random chance gig fixing someone's WordPress site, and I haven't finished any FCC certifications yet. Last tip: don't just copy paste – type in your answers – it's how you get used to the syntax.

  5. I'm using FCC along with a paid front Web developer course. FCC works great for me because it allows me to review what I know and what I should study better and it has the projects that, just like you said, actually build your curriculum.
    FCC by itself for me wouldn't work. Same with codeacademy. The fact that the explanation is right on the side and it gives you clues for what you should do means that you're not actually learning but rather following hints, which is why people find the projects so hard and some lessons rather difficult.

    Overall I think that someone that is taking coding seriously should probably get a manual or a good course and combine it with FCC to actually improve. It's like School with Homework/Exams

  6. coming from 0 too here. I did all the html through basic js phase and when I entered my first algorithm challenge I barely understand what I've learned let alone apply it in solving the challenge. Left it for 2 months and all of a sudden it sorta clicked, and went straight to front end stuff until simon game hahaha

  7. I have an associates degree in software engineering and database management… Here I am a certified data entry specialist… Should just automate my whole job but they won't give me admin rights. :

  8. Yo Dylan, what's up, fam? I started Free Code Camp in 2016 and I made a decision earlier this year to complete Free Code Camp's Front End Developer Program. I wrote about it in an article on LinkedIn. I really want to say thank-you for the algorithm code alongs and the projects. And, it's not about copying your code for me, it's about taking the note,doing research and understanding your logic.You videos are legend. I reflected on how helpful you've been in this article I wrote about almost quitting FCC, Also, your JavaScript tutorial on Scrimba is legit. For anyone interested in learning JavaScript, here's the link:

  9. +1 subscriber mate…i really like the way you talk about the important stuff…at least…this vide helped me allot in my journey to learn front-end

  10. helpful, thanks buddy. i'm wanting to learn some of this stuff as a hobby (maybe a side hustle) and i think youve illuminated me.

  11. Joined your FB group.
    I have been building websites for 20 years and have a great depth of knowledge about specific stuff. But lack the complete range. And so decided to go back to basics and fill in the gaps and get certified.
    I know that sounds weird as most are trying to go deep and not wide. But if you were around in the early days there was very little guidance and so you just got stuck in and went down the hole that seemed the right one.

    I enjoy your videos, your candor and transparency and a no bullshit attitude.
    It inspires me to get more knowledge and skills and even teach the stuff I know locally.
    Thanks for taking the time to make these vids (I let some of the ads roll to help out 😉

  12. Thanks for this awesome video I knew it was worth it the first day I started, I started last weekend and I'm planning on completing it buy 2-3 months , and after watching your video I even get more motivated

  13. freeCodeCamp really is looking awesome to me.. I've just started and finished three projects, and boy don't they push you hard! But once you complete those projects, it gives a 1000 times more satisfaction than just learning some syntax and having no clue as to where to apply them!

  14. tbh i don't care if it is good enough to but on a CV i just find it fun to do.

  15. did you work in this field of work before starting? not completely sure if that's stated in the video. Just subbed btw, started algorithms recently as a noob and somewhat struggling but not giving up. I have nothing but free time this year and some what making a career change. Selling myself is easy, but i need to learn this stuff first! haha

  16. fcc is awesome for a noob….i didnt know shit about code now i can work my way through project with some confidence and im only getting better its upto the individual to problem solve and if your not getting what you want out of fcc alone use common sense and expand into one or two other platforms for a greater code building experience ,its free ffs and you help a non profit at the completion, just that alone should show what kind of platform fcc is ! Its made by real people, for the people in my opinion !! #FreeCodeCampYouRock

  17. i'm now halfway through the javascript basics , and i've spent 1 month already i advice everyone to take time to understand things and to look outside fcc i actually enjoyed the time i spent trying to build a portfolio and now yes i found the javascript part more challenging to me i might finish within a month or two period and i'm so taking my time
    but how come it took u 9 months ? that's too much i guess

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