* NOTE :
1. Use include( dirname(__FILE__) . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . ‘my_file.php’); this is more secure way to include files.

2.[ optional ] use basename($_GET[‘page’]) to get the name of file always if $_GET[‘page’] contains a path. This should be only used if the files you want to include is in the same home directory.

Hello Everyone….! this tutorial is all about to make your first own dynamic Website with PHP in just simple steps… well it includes all the basics as well as styling to make it look nice.

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  1. Nice tutorial..similar to what I am looking for. I have a question though. I have my pages linked to the backend of the website through a database. So I can use CRUD to create, view, change or delete the page. In the database I am pulling the content from the one column. I have tinymce installed on the textarea to try and control the content. So my issue is that when I try to insert an image into the text editor I either have to give the path so it shows up in the backend when its viewed but it wont show up on the front end and vise versa. It won't show up on the backend if I set the path for the image(s) to be viewed on the front end. Do you know if there is a solution to this? I'm racking my brain trying to figure it out. Or anywhere I can look for help on it? Thank you

  2. hello your tutorial was very useful but when I'm not in any of may pages it shows this error
    Notice: Undefined index: page in C:xampphtdocsphpdasarbezersmaxellindex.php on line 67
    not in declaration

  3. hello your tutorial was very useful but when I'm not in any of may pages it shows this error Notice: Undefined index: page in C:wamp64wwwwebsitefirst propfffhp.php on line 8

  4. Sorry to say that you should try and teach not just show what you are doing. If I hadn't learned from other tutors, I wouldn't have understood the concepts behind what you were doing.

  5. Hi! I followed your tutorial and it was a great run. I have a question. How can i show the inside of lets say the "About Part" i added the layout codes and my code for the part to show but it wont show any? I hope you can understand my question.

  6. i am getting the error like Undefined index: navig in C:xampphtdocsindex.php and also my message gets printed
    but when i click the links it works
    but this error always shows when i load my localhost site please help
    also my content area is not able to resize

  7. why m getting the error: Undefined index: page in C:xampphtdocsPHPCourseDynamic Web Pages Projectindex.php

  8. +Chetan Mehra He has done really nice. You should motivate others at least if you cannot do anything of ur own..

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