Mike Postle had an unbelievable winrate of nearly $1000 an hour on the Stones Live Poker stream, over nearly 300 hours. The poker community’s consensus is that he was cheating. The game size that he played was the equivalent of a $5-10 $2500 cap game.

Bart Hanson from Crush Live Poker talks to Russ McGinley and JohnS, the first people to present the data, about how they collected the wins/losses per session and asks them about the accuracy of the results.

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  1. Ingram went over this and postle was adding on often he had one session where he left with around 10k and bought in for 6500
    winning about 3500 which was about 1000 an hour for that one session like these guys have figured. Mike would pull chips out of his pocket and add on to his stack in the middle of a hand he was playing.

  2. Evidently Mike Postle had an RFID reader on his keyfob that he kept on the table which is very unusual, then the RFID reader transmitted the info to his smartphone, so it's very possible that there was no Stones casino confederate/co-conspirator and Mike Postle was acting on his own, but Stones could still be liable for having substandard security.

  3. Standard Deviation is the strongest of the arguments to use against Postle (while still circumstantial). I looked at the Session Win/Loss criteria, rather than hourly. My shorthand calculations resulted in the odds of Postle maintaining that level of performance at 1/10 million.

  4. They also topped up sometimes…..I don't think they can account for all for all of them. Not saying he is innocent…just pointing out a fact.

  5. One thing that will definitely come out of this is probably a NO TOLERANCE policy for having your phone out at the table of any televised or streamed games

  6. Maybe nobody has any firsthand knowledge that he cheated because he had devised a way to intercept the signal

  7. It will never be 100% proven that he cheated. However, his poker career is over. He better learn how to live on his winnings for the rest of his life because there won't be anymore in his future.

  8. I wonder how many people are cheating online on PokerStars???? There has to be some people that see the cards. Has to be.

  9. Sadly 'the math' is not enough proof to catch him and start a case.. He'll stay in denial and win the case. On camera there is nothing to see. Looking at your crotch is not a crime. And you can't walk up to him and ask for his cellphone because that's private property. His method of cheating is actually waterproof. That's why it worked. Even he knows we know.. but we can't do anything anyway. We have to learn from this. Don't play at Stones. Don't play against Mike Postle. New casino rules on cellphone use are needed. Players should have a locker, pass trough metaldetector and xray and only be allowed a bottle of water or another drink. Simple as that. I'm actually afraid people will draw inspiriation from Postle because the method is rock solid!!!

  10. "The Data." I read what the Lawsuit is bringing against M.P in their 50-odd page complaint. Needless to say, it's very disappointing from a law perspective in my opinion, especially the very, very short quip about "the devices" that were listed; which none, were obtainable. I have some law experience and this is my opinion only, and quite frustrated with this 'Complaint' that "everyone knew" but nobody could prove anything about M.P except what 'everyone' says this is now proof that he's cheating after the fact; the head ticks towards his groin; the unorthodox hat grabs; the unorthodox betting and calling; and lastly, how 'statistically impossible' that a poker player could have a 94% win rate. It's all circumstantial! That's why this complaint burns my a** that it had a ton of potential, but NO ONE did their due diligence prior to prove the one important thing…HOW he cheated. Which then proves, he cheated.

    I'm a M.P finger pointer, and he 'likely' cheated. Atleast that's what I believe, but so what? My opinion means nothing, just remember in any court of law the burden of proof lays with the Complainant.

    Not that it's statistically 'likely' that he cheated…but DID he cheat…and then, HOW….

    Before this whistle-blowing and lawsuit filing occurred, WHERE…are the witnesses that overhead him talking to a 3rd party about the live stream action in play; the bone conduction technology someone can prove was in his hat at the time of play; that a 3rd party personally witnessed his phone had live card data on it at time of play. I haven't read any of that except Stone's did an investigation (albiet loose and no evidence of cheating was found), which also proves nothing.

    I Just keep hearing after 40 hours of video replays…OPINIONS differ in that it's… "basically statistically impossible, that he ran hot, that he's lucky, he touches his hat in a weird way and looks at his cards and lap alot, that he's a good poker player and he would be one in a million…." That's what the Defense is going to bring to the table, and what jury member can stand to prove otherwise based on what someone THINKS is methodologically impossible. But is it….here's my last point to make that point:

    Oct 12th 2019 Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya, ran a sub 2 hour Marathon. Never has any human in the history of mankind ever ran a sub 2 hour Marathon. Every runner (just like the poker players) had said it can't be done; it's a statistical abnormality, "it's basically impossible…" Oh ok, and yet someone did it. Rare yes, but someone DID defy the odds. Did he cheat? Prove it. Did someone obtain a performance drug test? Did someone see him get on a bus and drive half way? Nope. So now, after the fact, all these poker pro's are alleging he cheated. Ok. Prove it…

    I'm sorry. I love seeing thieves and cheaters brought to justice. But some that make accusations without hard evidence is a slippery slope and very serious – they are just opinionated facts that "things looked weird, something's not right, he's winning too much money, it's statistically unbelievable and highly unlikely…." proves…nothing. And that's what peeves me off,if M.P is found wrongfully accused. So I can't wait to read the verdict summary down the road and if this goes sideways and the jury simply can't understand mathematical anomalies related to card odds and poker wins, their lawyer just might find himself defending them all in a Defamation lawsuit soon after. Nothing I say means anything to anyone, but me – just truly disappointed that people didn't do their homework first and due diligence to be more EFFECTIVE with their accusations, rather than rely on assumptions and methodologies that in a court of law, shall see if anyone feels they are enough, to convict someone, over hard evidence. The latter is such an easier road, if someone just obtained, anything prior to finger-pointing and whistle-blowing…

  11. Thanks for the work. Hopefully this information will be forwarded to the State Gaming Authorities for their investigation.

  12. 1-1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000. So you're telling me there's a chance……. 🙂

  13. Rollin in on his trike.

    Giddy, like a lil tyke.

    This mike, panning gold stones along the Klondike.

    Sometimes so bold like a vike-king.

    Secretly rollin in a criminal ring.

    Ding ding ! Always a winner…now gotta buy da bling bling.

    Mike, you trying to psyche ?! yo, got caught bro.

    Gonna have to fess up, gonna have to show.

    We know, we know…you know we know.

    Underarmor sponsor Mike ?!

    Who's next, will it be Nike ?!

    Where at ? "Live @ the Bike ?!"

    Dont expect tho, they'll both tell you to take a hike.

    Gettin hostile…

    on this P.O.S Postle.

    Gettin postal…

    on this poser Postle.

    Drop your mics

    Grab the torches, the pitchforks, the pikes.

    at a minimum, hit the like.


  14. Bart, where are you now? I've listened all your old duce-plays podcasts (free version). All episodes. And I know you started to charge subscription fee which I don't mind paying. But I could find the new podcast! I am listening your podcasts a 2nd time now.

  15. What would be helpful for the community is if you got someone that works or worked for poker security to see their thoughts on his play and behavior. No one has done it yet and I think your channel deserves more subs and views.

  16. Why doesnt anyone address how stupid it is to be allowed to have a phone at a streamed table. It's inviting cheating.

  17. THIS IS HOW POSTLE IS CHEATING… FACT. You guys are all giving Mike too much credit… People like him will always find an angle. Like Ed Norton in Rounders. The only theory I can get behind is the bone conducting headphones…. POKER IS THE ONLY GAME THAT ALLOWS CELLPHONES TO BE USED AT THE TABLE. Postle just figured out a way to exploit that. Headphones are also allowed. But Postle probably felt that this would arise too much suspicion, hence the hidden headphones. Ok here it is… Justin is calling Mike from the booth with his phone in his pocket which in turn allows Mike to hear the announcers in the booth to tell the audience what all the players have in real time. NO DELAY… Phones should have banned a long time ago. Cant even use phones in a Chess Tournament. BTW this also explains why if the RFID card reader dilema.

  18. Bart does Stones have liability in this? If so why aren't they coming out with a statement on this issue. I live in the area and have played there many times but I'm not going back until they take responsibility for this.

  19. Can you look into hands from the 5-5 session that he played with moneymaker please. They both crushed it and I saw some signaling between them. Can you imagine if MONEYMAKER knew or participated. Hope you see this message ugh

  20. hey – there used to be a time when people only 3B w/ KK+ and only 4B AA.
    Poker changes.

    maybe Mike is just ahead of the curve when it comes to playing 60% of hands profitably . . . .

    yeah. maybe. not.

  21. Bless you all for this public service. Ironically, I think those who got cheated are going to end up with a very big payday. I actually feel bad for some of the Stones folks, like some of the commentators. I really did like the stream a lot. It was some of my favorite poker content. Very sad series of events.

  22. This used to be a poker channel, and now you've decided to turn it into a gossip channel, as if there isn't already enough places on the internet for gossip. Unsub.

  23. Does he have help or is he getting the data from card reader? And why the hell does anyone have access to there phone while playing a live streamed game?

  24. He's saying sack of shit. His plays are self explanatory. If anyone plays poker they can see his lines and know theres no way he's making those plays unless he can see the cards. To me it's enough circumstantial evidence to actually file criminal charges. The California gaming authority needs to do their fckn jobs. They're wasting time and allowing evidence to slowly get removed.

  25. This is why he plays every hand because he knows he has a limited time to steal money because of how slow live poker is. And if you can see your opponents cards you can adjust accordingly and take the pot almost everytime and only folding at times his pot odds are bad or he's drawing dead.

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