In just 15 minutes, music producer and songwriter Oak Felder demonstrated how a hit song gets from nothing more than an idea to a multi-layered sound experience.

Onstage from Recode’s Code Media conference, Felder recreated the technical process of how he produced the hit Demi Lovato single “Sorry Not Sorry.” Starting from a blank canvas in the music production app Logic Pro X, he said his first job was to create a “vibe” before the songwriting process could begin.

“The people in the room are looking at you for the initial spark of inspiration,” he said. “You are the catalyst, you are starting everything up.”

You can watch the full presentation from Recode’s Code Media stage.


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  1. Just got Logic Pro X and I am excited for the creation that will take place. I am an indie artist voted in the game on Sway in the morning and featured on HNHH.

  2. i was looking at cubase 10 videos and while away fro mmy pc it came on automatically. I was going to skip it when i got back but decided to watch it. Glad i did! suck a nice guy!

  3. Goes to show you that "artists" like Demi Lovato aren't real artists.
    Producing a song is a process. When you first play something to produce, is only a demo. It's a foundation to build something better. Demi didn't even have a demo. That's how it shouldn't be. The producer is there to tweek anything to make that demo much better.

  4. awesome guide. 4 bar 808 bass, generic chords over it and downloading the beat from the internet. genusuis

  5. Oh My God this video has really inspired me a lot and am dreaming of becoming great like him. Am motivated in working everyday no matter where ever I found myself. I've created YouTube channel for myself to watch his videos every time he post. Please help me to become great like him by subscribing to my channel please
    Wow I love that.

  6. It is very important to learn because not many guys understand this when you walk in my studio you walk the back door

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