I’ve gotten this question so much lately that it’s time to make a video about it. Let’s look at my current favorite code editor, my setup and packages that I use.

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  1. Can someone help me?
    I need to make a mini project in Computer Graphics and I use Atom editor to code. So how do get OpenGL with Atom editor? If someone helps me with a video link or explanation that would be great!
    Thank you!!!
    PS: IK its kind of dumb to ask this here 😛

  2. Hello im new in code knowledge. i wanna make a Group in a software when all of us say 4-5 ppl can transfer all files add me if ur interested

  3. Pigment is cool but it will eat all your resources CPU and memory 🙁 really needs to be optimized for production.

  4. if i type document in the js file, it does not autocomplete the word "document". thats because it is defined in an outer file. how can i make it autocomplete anyhow?

  5. KidPluto

    Jul '17

    I can’t find where this gets installed, so end up having to install it each time I want to use it. And that takes like forever.
    Windows 7

  6. File > Stylesheet (this will show style.less)

    to open the inspector in windows press Ctrl+ Shift + i

    copy this :
    atom-text-editor .gutter[gutter-name="pigments-native-dot"] .pigments-gutter-marker div span{
    transform: translate(100%, 0) scale(0.7);

    change the scale that suits you

    Hope this helps 🙂

  7. Sir,
    I am unable to install any package in my Atom editor. Every time I search for one, it fails and shows the message "tunneling socket could not be established, statusCode=407". Kindly Help @Devtips

  8. How do I copy and paste from my clipboard on my Mac? I have both “Shared Clipboard” and “Drag and Drop” set to “Bidirectional” but I still can’t copy and paste text into my projects.

  9. I like your style.
    Just installed the app and was having difficulty figuring out how to open an html file in a freaking browser.

    The ATOM open-in-browser page was distinctly useless.Couldn't figure out how to open the freaking Settings. It was just a word on the lower left of the screen with a rollover message about freaking paths. So first helpful info in your video: Command-, (that symbol is a comma) opens the freaking Settings window. Oy and gevalt already.

    Watching you install a package helped me to install a freaking package.

    Then looking at where your cursor was located in order to open the Settings of a package showed me not to click on the title (which leads to the unhelpful open-in-browser page to which I previously alluded) but on the description text. Not very intuitive imho. There may be a quicker way of opening in browser. I have received the distinct impression there's a line of code I'm supposed to write somewhere. Your video shows how elusive and needlessly complex such tasks can be (re: final step for making certain files invisible).

    Perhaps I need to work a little on developing frustration tolerance. Sigh. Your calm, precise presentation helped.

  10. Sorry I’m new here, and I was looking for videos on actual real atoms and coding, so I thought just out of curiosity I’ll watch this video, so what are you coding

  11. I need help, on atom i installed pigments in the packages settings.. but when i go to show pigment pallette, its says 0 colors. It shows nothing, i keep reinstalling it, what is wrong?

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