This video was pre filmed 7 weeks ago, prior to everything happening with my brand & social media. Hang in there with me while I make my way back to socials. xoxo


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  1. Oh ok, so we're supposed to go back to watching her videos like nothing happened?… No, thank you.

  2. Fav: Eyebrows!!! I just do them in 3 minutes and I love the transformation. 😂💕
    Least fav: putting on eyelashes. It's such a struggle 😭

  3. I love you sooo much and a miss u girl. When I have all the money Im going to buy ur brushes💞

  4. Love your OG palette and brushes! Would love more videos about your palette and the Vault palettes as well. I own the green and purple one. Would love to see a video with the purple one especially, but I’d watch any.

  5. Try the L’Oréal telescopic mascara . It has a skinny wand just like the Mac . It’s amazing 💕 love you

  6. Eyeshadow is my favorite step, foundation is my least favorite because I have problem skin, anytime I wear foundation, no matter how much I exfoliate and moisturize my foundation looks terrible. Love you Jaclyn! 💜

  7. How am I seeing only positive comments on this video how does she think she can just bounce back from this after a 25 minute long “apology” video of her saying absolutely nothing of substance

  8. Yes!!! With all that has happened this is what I’ve been waiting for!! A makeup video from you!! I love watching them x ❤️

  9. Bronzer is my favorite/ foundation is my least-why- can’t ever get the shade right!

  10. Now this is the content we all want and need..I’m SOOOOO glad your tutorials are back..I’ve missed them so much!!😬🙌🏻 You look STUNNING, babe!! Great tutorial!! Love you, Jaclyn!!❤️😘 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo 💎✨💎

  11. You look really beautiful. I know this was prerecorded, but I’m just happy to see you on here. I missed watching someone put on makeup and explain it as they’re giving a tutorial. I feel like all the gurus have stepped away from giving actual makeup tutorials and it’s just turned into a different scene. Thanks hun!

  12. I love doing my brows because I have perfected them and I get compliments on them everyday. It makes me feel soooo gooood!!!!

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