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  1. Im using Xampp server ..after clicking send message displays blank space and also im not getting any mail Please DO help..!!!THANKS IN ADVANCE

  2. hi sir, i get the message mail is send!!!. but i dont it in my gmail adresse. I using Wampser2.4.4. can you help me to resolve this error

  3. Lev

  4. Deprecated: __autoload() is deprecated, use spl_autoload_register() instead in C:xampphtdocswebsiteloginmailPHPMailer-masterPHPMailerAutoload.php on line 45

    Mail Not Sent

    this error is been displayed

  5. Hi,
    I followed the whole method on localhost inlcuding in php.ini file removing comment of
    php_openssl & send_mail.php code is as follows:
    $mailto = $_POST['mail_to'];
    $mailSub = $_POST['mail_sub'];
    $mailMsg = $_POST['mail_msg'];
    require 'PHPMailer-master/PHPMailerAutoload.php';
    $mail = new PHPMailer();
    $mail ->IsSmtp();
    $mail ->SMTPDebug = 2;
    $mail ->SMTPAuth = true;
    $mail ->SMTPSecure = 'ssl';
    $mail ->Host = "";
    $mail ->Port = 465; // or 587
    $mail ->IsHTML(true);
    $mail ->Username = "";
    $mail ->Password = "*****";
    $mail ->SetFrom("");
    $mail ->Subject = $mailSub;
    $mail ->Body = $mailMsg;
    $mail ->AddAddress($mailto);
    // echo "<pre>";print_r($mail);die;
    echo 'Error : ' . $mail->ErrorInfo;
    echo "Mail Sent";
    But I'm getting this error:
    2018-10-11 12:04:11 SMTP ERROR: Failed to connect to server: (0) 2018-10-11 12:04:11 SMTP connect() failed. Error : SMTP connect() failed.
    Please,help me out.

  6. pretty cool! It's work. Perfect Work! Can you make other one using something else? Like facebook or Whatapp or send to phone number. . .

  7. sir muje email manually nahi lena he. me email ka data apne phpmy sql se lena he so can u plz help me//

  8. require(PHPMailer-master/PHPMailerAutoload.php): failed to open stream:

    even i include phpmailer folder,,sir how can i solve it?

  9. men thanks for the info, when i do in local y it works well but in the actual domain doest work it saids error 500, any advice thans

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