PHP RSS Series Making The Database. In this lesson we will build the database to hold your news feeds and all the data you extract from them follow the series on

Free scripts for this lesson.

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  1. this isn't working for me. can't seem to find what the problem is. but if its not working all I have to do is create it manually. And what is the name of this process called. I really would appreciate any help you may provide.

  2. This sounds like an xampp issue and one I am not familiar with. I suggest if you have hosting try it´╗┐ on there or else manually create the fields in your php my admin.

  3. This is a great series; however I'm having a problem out of the gate. I can't get the database to create the tables. I tried using XAMPP, WAMP and a server. When the scripts run, I get addition text in the output, also XAMPP tells me that linking is disabled. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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