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  1. i'm on a mission to find one video of his where i dont' learn anything and/or am not thoroughly impressed with his eloquence and knowledge on the subject…

  2. You do not need them! Oxford University in its conclusion of its studies is:We found no evidence that all these sport supplement products to have any positive effects! 0!!!

  3. Can a 15 and 1 month year old take creatine? (I’ve been doing whole body workouts for 6 months). Just want to make sure.

  4. came from 2016 started evidence take "Creatine": my friend is Bodybuilder He takes Creatine already! You have sponsor Why doesn't take inspiration?

  5. All the videos ive watched wasted my time til i came across this one,simple advice adsacly what i needed thanks fella

  6. Nik

    Study that backs up protein synthesis differences of plant based protein to whey and needing double the amount?

  7. I find it hard to consume enough meat to get my daily does of protein so I have a smoothie after a workout with frozen banana, pea protein powder, and organic coco powder. I'm not a pro-athlete so I don't need creatine or BCAAs. Just consistency in my diet and workouts.

  8. BCAA!!!!!!, fructose, alcohol, transfat you get liver damage, don't eat this (eat small amount of seasonal fruit) it is not about wat you eat it is about wat you absorb and how your body use absorbed food, which process in body trigger certain foods..

  9. Came from SSS just to say thank you for spreading the truth instead of bs. We all need to make a living, but there should be some ethics involved while doing it. That's why, thank you.

  10. This is probably a stupid question. But, I'm still carrying a pretty good amount of body fat, about 75lbs worth. I've lost 205lbs all together, but I'd really like to work on heavy weight training to help burn the rest of this fat off, and start a new lifestyle.

    Now the question is, should I start supplements now, or wait until I've burned out a lot more of this body fat?

  11. Is this just catered towards men or is this a good guideline for women also who are trying to build muscle ? Thanks in advance for any advice that you may have time to give.

  12. Mike I took your advice to double my vegan protein intake to maximize the protein synthesis. Does this apply to all vegan protein powders?

  13. So if I'm taking whey protein isolate BCAAs are just a meme? Everyone told me they're great for muscle recovery and drinking them with water while working out was best, then consume whey after the workout

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