Sorry it took so long. Better late than nev– THIS IS A FINAL TABLE GUYS COME ON GET PUMPED.

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Comments (32)

  1. Ken

    Nice vlog Matt! 3rd isn't too shabby. I was checking out chip counts for the Main Event and happened to see your name. You weren't doing too bad at all after the first day. Good luck and may the run good continue!

  2. I think the AQ hand was a 3 bet no matter what even if youre destroying everyone on the table

  3. You have a pretty good vlog I'll give you that and your a great player just don't talk so much be like Brad not Andrew lol

  4. How long ago was this? There is damn snow on the the ground
    Ohh from March. Makes sense it’s only July….

  5. The two hands that really sticks out to me as a miss steps were the hand where you turned two pair with A3 AND 10/8 CLUBS… nice run

  6. The opponent that bet 500k on river made a sizing mistake if you can raise his 500k he has to fold. One or the other.

  7. 19:20 you may need to fold, because even if every single out you have is live, you still only have 34% to hit them, and your opponent's jam is a significant overbet.

    This becomes call if you think he will show up with semibluffs (because you're currently beating those).

  8. 16:30 I'm not a fan of your bet or the reasoning behind it.

    Keep in mind that FDs that are very much worse than Kx recognize they don't have any SDV and are drawing if they call. So they really hate just calling.

    I dunno how aggressive your opponent is in this hand, but in his shoes if I had T9 of spades or similar, I'm x/r that turn, to blow you off hands like exactly what you have.

    You really can just take a SDV line with your nut nothing. Driving the action is unnecessary.

  9. That AQ hand was so gross. He just shouldn't have a 1pr value hand taking that line. I would have been tilted AF. When you got minraised by the Q2 did you consider 3betting at all? Seems like the right combo for a 3bet bluff if you're ever going to have a value raise in that spot.

  10. Congrats on the score. Gotta put yourself in good positions to get lucky Matt! Hope the run good continues in the ‘real’ Main Event!

  11. I am halfway thru and already absolutely LOVE the way you played a couple of these. The 55 hands I thought was played as perfectly as possible, getting to the river, and knowing you had showdown value and taking that down.

    And then the Jacks hand, I know you got lucky to bink the jack on the river, but up until the river I thought the hand was played great, and you were talking about how you would normally raise small… and you gave all the reasons for it, and I happened to agree with that and was expecting the small raise (which would of been a fine play IMO), then you surprised me going MAX VALUE all in for pot, that is really really cool. And then you got payed of course, not many people are going to get max value in that spot, and if they do….. it was probably by accident or something cause they aren't good players maybe. But you actually had reasoning for it which is very believable and makes sense, and you took the shot and got called.

    Kudos to you Matt. keep it up

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