R programming for beginners – This video is an introduction to R programming. I have another channel dedicated to R teaching: https://www.youtube.com/c/rprogramming101 In this video I provide a tutorial on some statistical analysis (specifically using the t-test and linear regression). I also demonstrate how to use dplyr and ggplot to do data manipulation and data visualisation. Its R programming for beginners really and is filled with graphics, quantitative analysis and some explanations as to how statistics work. If you’re a statistician, into data science or perhaps someone learning bio-stats and thinking about learning to use R for quantitative analysis, then you’ll find this video useful. Importantly, R is free. If you learn R programming you’ll have it for life.

This video was sponsored by the University of Edinburgh. Find out more about their programmes at http://edin.ac/2pTfis2

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  1. Hello Greg, i am currently trying to promote my institution that offers training in the R software and wanted to use your channel as a hotspot for my google ads. Is it possible for you to provide me with your email as well as granted access to advertise on your channel? Thanks, in advance

  2. Inspiring video… Thank you very much.. Could you make comparison movie between R, SPSS and Stata? It would be helpful to differentiate the strength and weakness between those statistic programmes. Thank you again..

  3. Awesome video.. thank you so much ..
    I have downloaded R and tried to use dyplr package but on my console it says that it's not available on 3.6.0 version..
    Could you please help me

  4. sir i am having problem with my r in personal computer, it showing > utils:::menuInstallPkgs() this and unable to install any package, and i uninstall and reinstall but the same problem. looking for solution. thanks in advance

  5. Decent video for a beginner. The speaker could relax a bit and slow down his speaking. A slower speech would be helpful to process what is going on. I was trying to work along with the video but the speaker was going to fast.

  6. I really enjoyed your video thanks for introducing me to R very excited to know how to install and use this for population health planning

  7. Hi, please… package "dyplr" is not avaible for R version 3.5.3… thank you… the video is excellent… Greetings from Perú 😁

  8. Please making tutorial multivariable logistic regression, multilevel analysis and meta-analysis. Thank you

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