In this video I am going to show you how to send mail from PHP code using PHPMailer and How you can use PHPMailer in Ethical Hacking

Every user of PHPMailer( have have to face one error which is
message could not be sent.mailer error: smtp connect() failed.
This happen only if you have not given permission to “Less secure app” in your gmail account setting

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You can use PHPmailer in your website to get feedback from user to in your email

You can use PHPmailer in your app and can connect with your database to send mail to every user of your app

How to Send Email using PHPMailer
How to Use PHPMailer for Ethical Hacking
How to Run PHPMailer in your LocalHost
Send Email using PHPMailer
PHPMailer Example

As per your requirement you can use PHPMailer in different purposes


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  1. jnb hm na abi jo php mailer download kia ha wo ap sa blkl differenet ha oor us main mailer wali file b nai ha kya kia jay ab

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