How to create a booking calendar | php mysql | Part 2

This is part 2 of our “How to create a booking calendar” series. In this part we have added navigation to change months and return back to current month. We also created a small form which is connected to mysql database to make and save a booking. Then we connected our calendar to the booking

the attacker can host the malicious php code at the github hosting via svg file.[Sept, 25, 2019]

I report to #700897 Remote file upload bypass and host the malicious code at the hosting via svg file ……………… This is reply 🙂 anglinb_x0rsd closed the report and changed the status to Informative. Sep 25th (10 hrs ago) Hi @aei0u, Thanks for the submission! We have reviewed your report and validated your

How to Test For PHP Code Injection | Why It occurs

In this video I have described how to test for the PHP code injection in bWAPP. if you have any suggestions please do comment them below Discover How I Helped 20K+ Students to Make Their High Income Career in Information Security at ★☆★ SUBSCRIBE TO SAGAR’s YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW ★☆★ Sagar Bansal, is

PHP and MySQL Bangla Tutorial in "PHP form handling 01" for beginners |2019 Part Twenty Three.

PHP and MySQL Bangla Tutorial in “PHP form handling” for beginners |2019 Part Twenty Three.PHP and MySQL Bangla tutorial are started today.This tutorial is only beginners who want to learn programming language PHP. For learning basic HTML Course My other’s channel link: How to install Wampserver and solve fix error? Given below link:

NEW ICCID August 30th 2019 (08/30/19) – RSIM 12 and RSIM 14 – Activation Error [SOLVED]!

So here are the new rules as of May 18th, 2019: 1) Activation Error means you need to update your iOS to at least 12.3. If you are having an issue with RSim 12 on iOS 12.3, it will be best to just buy RSim 14. 2) Rsim 13 is not working, no matter what