Build phone book php api and implement web and android application Bangla part13

This is the Demo Phone book to store personal contact number in the online without overlapping to others which also has searching functionality. Updated code to properly update UI when there is no contact in the contact list. APK Download Link: Website Demo Live Link:

Learn Web Development from Scratch Using PHP (3 hours) Training – Urdu/Hindi

————- [00:00:01] – Introduction [00:10:10] – Data Types, Utility Functions [00:15:46] – Loops, Conditional Statements, Arrays [00:25:44] – Functions, Class, Example [00:37:19] – Play with Form [00:50:53] – Session Example [00:59:47] – AJAX, Create Simple Web API [01:18:46] – MySQL Intro, PHP MySQL [01:33:14] – Detailed Example [01:57:24] – File Uploading with & without AJAX