Android Studio: Tips and Tricks (Google I/O'19)

Learn how to code like a pro with Android Studio! This session will teach you about some of the powerful features available in Android Studio, while sharing tips and tricks to help you get the most out of it. This talk will appeal to the new programmer, the seasoned developer, and everybody in between. No

WebAssembly for Web Developers (Google I/O ’19)

WebAssembly is often hailed as a performance tool for critical tasks or to bring existing C++ code bases to the web – such as games. But WebAssembly is so much more. You can use WebAssembly as a puzzle piece to give the web platform the few missing capability that you are missing or to surgically

PUBG Tournament App Source Code – Admin Panel – php code

BattleWorld – PUBG Tournament Android App with Admin Panel Source Code Admin Panel – PHP code Perfect Solution to eSports Games for Tournaments organize BattleWorld is an Online Portal which Offers Unlimited Entertainment for Participating and Playing Games Online. it supports a Popular and Trending Game is PUBG Mobile. Buy source code from the official

Android MySQL Database Tutorial 4 – Insert Data in Mysql Database using Registration Form

How to Create MYSQL Database Using cPanel Hi welcome to this short series on Android MySQL Database Tutorial for beginners. In Android PHP/MySQL Tutorial I will use PHP to create a back-end rest server. In this first video I will show How to Insert Data in Mysql Database using Registration Form. this will be the