Turning a Hand into a Bluff ($1-$3 NL)

Bart Hanson from Crush Live Poker discusses turning a strong hand into a bluff at $1-$3 live NL game. In this hand the caller decides to take a passive route and just flat calls with AKhh in the big blind. His opponent’s’ sizing indicates that he is not all that strong, possibly with the same

Mike Postle's (Cheating) Win Rate — How they Gathered the Data

Mike Postle had an unbelievable winrate of nearly $1000 an hour on the Stones Live Poker stream, over nearly 300 hours. The poker community’s consensus is that he was cheating. The game size that he played was the equivalent of a $5-10 $2500 cap game. Bart Hanson from Crush Live Poker talks to Russ McGinley

Top pair and a Low Flush Draw Multiway

Crush Live Poker owner, Bart Hanson discusses flopping a low top pair and a flush draw in a multiway pot. In this spot the Hero over calls with a speculative hand on the button multiway. He gets a favorable flop but is unsure of the best line in how to proceed. To play real money

Choosing hands to call Overbets

Bart Hanson takes a look at an overbet spot and defending. In this hand the caller has KK and just calls a 3bet preflop. The turn gets checked through and then he faces a massive overbet on the river. Bart discusses how he would defend against that overbet on the river. To play real money

Fold a Full House in a $10,000 Pot?

Bart Hanson, from Crush Live Poker, discusses possibly folding a full house on the river in a $10,000 pot. Sean calls in another high stakes hand where he turns kings full. On the river his lead gets raised. Should he just call or put in the re raise? To play real money online poker check