The Penguin Barcode – Computerphile

Should computers evolve to read the environment we live in or should we change the environment to make it easier for machines to read? Barcodes and QR codes are ugly, Professor Steve Benford explains a different approach. EXTRA BITS – More on Barcodes : Virtual Machines : Tweets by computer_phile This video

100 K special QA – Freelancing, PHP vs node about me

Hi, this is 100K special question and answers. I know this is a long video but I am still excited about hitting 100K and thus a long video. Questions include things like PHP vs node, some freelancing tips, getting confidence in programming and some inside stuff about me. fb: homepage: Download

PHP/Laravel – Building a forum like website from scratch (tut 5)

This is the 5th tutorial of the series. In this series we will be creating a website sort of like stackoverflow which will allow users to post code related questions and others can reply to. In this tutorial we will be discussing laravel’s templating engine and how we can use it to reduce code redundancy

Internationalis(z)ing Code – Computerphile

Audible free book: Catering for a global audience is difficult, Tom takes us through a ‘timezones’ style explanation of the things you need to keep in mind when internationalising your code. This video features Tom Scott – more from him at: & The Problem with Time & Timezones: Emoji & the