Arrays [#12] Code Dynamic Websites with PHP

Lecture 12: Arrays Sometimes you’ll want to store more than one value within your variables. With an array, you can do just that! Arrays allow you to store multiple values within a variable. For example, I think moustaches are neat. There are many kinds of moustaches! Using individual variables, I can store each moustache in

Difference Between a Static & a Dynamic Website ( Tutorial with visual Aids)

Have you ever wandered what the basic differences between a static & Dynamic website? Well you have come to the right place…Learn the basic differences between a Static and Dynamic Website using a power point presentation and other visual aids. Understanding these basic differences will help you make informed decisions on your next website project.

Making Dynamic Website With PHP

* NOTE : 1. Use include( dirname(__FILE__) . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . ‘my_file.php’); this is more secure way to include files. 2.[ optional ] use basename($_GET[‘page’]) to get the name of file always if $_GET[‘page’] contains a path. This should be only used if the files you want to include is in the same home directory. Hello

What is PHP? [#2] Code Dynamic Websites with PHP

Lecture 2: What is PHP? PHP is one of the most (if not the most popular) server-side programming language on the web today, with more than 240 million websites using it (as of January 2013 — according to Wikipedia). Websites like Google, Apple, Facebook and YouTube utilize PHP. Popular Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress,