Sharing my top 10 Amazon favorites!! Lifestyle, Beauty, & Fashion! Products Mentioned: 1. 10′ Phone Cord: 2. Phone Stand: 3. Portable Phone Charger: (exact version sold out, similar/same brand here: ) 4. Studded Shoes: Flats: Pumps: Sandals: 5. YETI Tumbler: 6. Heating Pad: 7. Spa Head Wrap:

10 Fashion Rules Members Of The Royal Family MUST Follow

10 style guidelines all members of the Royal Family have to follow. Subscribe: —————————————————————————————– Have you ever wished that you could be a member of the royal family, or at least wear fabulous clothes like they do? You might just change your mind about all of that when you learn that they have some

How I Cut Layers in My Hair AT HOME!

Thumbs up if you enjoyed ;D *YES these are hair cutting scissors *My hair is very course and thick – these techniques may not look good on fine or thin hair *I only curled the ends so you can see the layers. It still looks great straight 🙂 This is how I’ve cut my hair

Simple Every Day Makeup Tutorial

Thumbs up if you like this simple makeup look! *For All details & pics check out my blog! *My Current Eyebrow routine: —————————————-­­­————————————- Hi my sugar pies!!! Happy Wednesday! Sorry for the slight delay this week! Yesterday was Mr Brett’s birfday!! We had such a fun day 🙂 It’s been a long time

Get Ready with Me: Lunch Date | BOHO

Thumbs up for more get ready with me videos 🙂 For All PRODUCTS & Pictures: —————————————-­­­­­————————————­- HEY BEAUTIES! Sorry for the delay on this video! I updated my computer software yesterday when I got home and it took WAY longer than expected. It did help with the lagging in Final Cut, so I am