Google Sheets and Python

Learn more from the blog post at Check out the wonderful gspread library on Github: If you have any questions, leave them in the comments or find me on Twitter at If you’re running into insufficient permission errors, update the scope in the code to: scope = [‘’, ‘’]

Software Anti-Patterns: How to destroy a codebase for developers

Ex-Google Tech Lead explains examples of spaghetti code and other eggcelent coding malpractices that will rot your codebase into extenuating eggs. Let me know your favorite coding anti-patterns in the comments below, would love to hear! 🖥️ Preparing for Technical Interviews? Join me in my new coding interview training program: 💻 Also, join me

JavaScript interview with a Google engineer

Check out the feedback by the Google interviewer and the full transcript on This is a recording of a mock interview in JavaScript by a senior Google engineer on offers senior engineers free, anonymous technical interview practice with engineers from Facebook, Google, and more. Disclaimer: All interviews conducted on are anonymous.