How to Send an Email using PHP? [With Source Code]

Support us on Patreon: This video show you how to send an email from your own PHP SCRIPT. This video also show you how to validate email address. Facebook: DOWNLOAD SENDMAIL AND SOURCE CODE FROM HERE: Follow us on Social Media: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: This video is created by

Online Printing System using php, sql, bootstrap & jquery

Excercise your documents rights quickly and easily at home – or from the other side of the world.Submit your documents with any device with access to the internet from anywhere in the world. The secrecy of your documents is maintained under the high security standards. Websourcecode EprintSystem FinalProjects Tools:::::::::: #PHP #SQL #Jquery #Bootstrap Area::::::::::: Admin

How to enter survey data into Excel from a pen-and-paper questionnaire

I show my technique of entering raw data into Microsoft Excel that has been collected via a pen-and-paper survey. This includes both questions with fixed responses and open-ended questions. Copyright: Text and video © Kent Löfgren, Sweden.

37: How to show database data on a website using MySQLi | PHP tutorial | Learn PHP programming

How do you show database data on a website using PHP – PHP tutorial. Today we are going to learn how to get data from a database using PHP. Regarding people asking why we are not using PDO: In PHP there exists two methods of programming, which are “Procedural programming (PP)” and “Object oriented programming