PHP Arrays Tutorial – Learn PHP Programming

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Arrays [#12] Code Dynamic Websites with PHP

Lecture 12: Arrays Sometimes you’ll want to store more than one value within your variables. With an array, you can do just that! Arrays allow you to store multiple values within a variable. For example, I think moustaches are neat. There are many kinds of moustaches! Using individual variables, I can store each moustache in

PHP Tutorial for Beginners in Urdu 2018: PHP Arrays Tutorial in Urdu | How to Use Arrays in PHP

Hello Friends, Welcome to Another #PHP Tutorial for Beginners in Urdu 2018: PHP #Arrays #Tutorial in Urdu | How to Use Arrays in PHP. Friends, agar meri explanation main koi cheez aap ko samaj nah aa rahi ho to aap neechay comment kar saktay hain taa k main next video main pehlay usay explain karoon