Unity Basic Web Request Pro – (PHP & NodeJS MySQL)

Basic Web Request Pro is an asset created to perform HTTP requests (GET and POST) to a web server(PHP or NODEJS). Web Request Pro is an UnityWebRequest API-based implementation.The highlight of this asset is to perform GET and POST operations in a simple, easy and functional way with few lines of code. this asset are

04. How to Write Functions – PHP Basics

Learn PHP in this PHP Basics Series of Tutorials Functions! With functions, we can write a chunk of code once and use it repeatedly throughout our project. No more writing the same code over and over. Plus, if we find a bug or have a change that is located in a function used throughout a

Learn Web Development from Scratch Using PHP (3 hours) Training – Urdu/Hindi

————- [00:00:01] – Introduction [00:10:10] – Data Types, Utility Functions [00:15:46] – Loops, Conditional Statements, Arrays [00:25:44] – Functions, Class, Example [00:37:19] – Play with Form [00:50:53] – Session Example [00:59:47] – AJAX, Create Simple Web API [01:18:46] – MySQL Intro, PHP MySQL [01:33:14] – Detailed Example [01:57:24] – File Uploading with & without AJAX

Tours and Travels PHP Project With Source Code Download

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