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  1. I can only relate to my own experience in dieting. Most often you lose the weight and than when you have reached your goal, you begin to reward your self with the foods you missed while dieting. Soon after you fall out of those good habits that led to the weight loss and fall back into your old practices. That's the reality. The key is to stick with what led to the weight loss, period. Whether that's keto, intermittent fasting or both. I'm not a scientist and I don't dispute what Dr. Fung is saying. I'm just making an observation about human nature.

  2. So if insulin causes weight gain and obesity, how can you lower insulin? Why some people produce more insulin than others? Are there other factors involved like genetic and epigenentics?

  3. I don't believe in so called "God". But if I have to, then I say you are God sent. You had saved my life. I am out of statin and my triglyceride is 115 only :). Only because of selfless people like you, the earth is still green. All the best

  4. 1. Eat Foods that Boost Nitric Oxide
    for your heart .
    Grape seed extract (GSE) is simply an extract derived from grape seeds. The extract itself is great for testosterone production, as it’s one of the few natural substances that can block the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. In other words, GSE is a potent aromatase enzyme blocker.

    But on top of that, grape seed extract is also great at increasing nitric oxide levels. Studies on humans show that it drops blood pressure and heart rate, and animal studies show that it activates the natural nitric oxide synthase of the body and increases NO levels by 138% when taken at doses of 100mg/kg .
    ..don't take over 400 mg. a day!
    Also organic celery is good for your heart .

    3. Vitamin C + Garlic

    It’s a well known medical fact that vitamin C increases nitric oxide production in the body, and that it also protects the molecules. Garlic, on the other hand, is a natural vasodilator and filled with natural nitrates, and it also contains a compound called quercetin, which is linked to increased NO levels in various studies. Few studies have also found that garlic is more effective at dropping high blood pressure than most drugs on the market.
    Taking cayenne hot peper, and Cq10 brings oxygen to the heart !…and Taking B-6 also is very good for heart Disease (200 mg. a day)
    Don't eat damaged fats such as fried foods , mayonaise, penutbutter, no salad dressing, no canola oil , no corn oils ..are all damaged fats and toxic to the liver .Only use Extra olive oil and coconut oils .


  5. 2 miles/hours is not an exercise, it is a joke and is a wrong example. We need to 'move/lift' for other benefits. But except this I leran a lot from Dr. Fung's video that help me with weight lose.

  6. In the UK we had a heatwave last year and the BBC showed pictures of Brighton beach and compared it with the last time we had a heatwave – 1976 – the big difference? We were all skinny and over the past 40 years we have got big – far too big, thanks to the change in our diet and stripping out the fats that kept us thin and replacing it with sugar and carbs.

  7. Im in the stage of my life now that im struggling to lose weight.. im 40 with hypertension, high cholesterol, fatty liver and pcos. Thank u that i found your chanel.. new subbie here..

  8. My favorite line, "The body is smart. It doesn't want to die." Sounds so obvious. So thankful for Dr. Fung.

  9. Can’t believe there’s people would dislike this video!😑 I just love listening to Dr. Jason Fung!

  10. Hello. First I want to say "THANK YOU"
    I lost 20lbs and 2 inches around my waist just buy reducing my sugar intake over 3 weeks. I am not a diabetic. My fasting glucose has always tested under 95mg/dl. Now I have to realize that it has to be a life style. I have not worked out and refused to for almost 15 years. So saying this I still don't exercise. But I did do a regime of walking to go on my Cancun vacation a few years ago. I have too much to say.
    So in short "you have depressed me".
    Getting ready to watch 2 of 6…. whatelse??? (I have watched other videos of you) What can u do for me or to me. I'm really scared of getting bigger. I never wanted to weigh more than 150lbs but 3 weeks ago I weighed 180!!! And I am 52 yrs old.
    Stay encouraged to inform, thanks again….
    Someone is listening! Me

  11. Do we need to take supplements such as magnesium, potassium and salt? Should we only drink when thirsty or do we need a specific amount of fluids each day? (no calorie) How much sleep do we need and what about circadian rhythm. Do we need to sleep during specific hours in order to get the REM sleep?

  12. We burn calories just like a fireplace can burn wood. Obviously some things burn better than others just like some calories burn cleaner more efficient than others. My body uses fat and protein much more efficiently than sugar and carbs. Sad how fat we all became eating the standard American diet.

  13. I'm sick of the nonsense that people keep trying to get me to believe. I'm firing my nutritionist and personal trainer!

  14. I always enjoy your presentations packed with studies, data, and hypotheses, analyses. Discovered you as I was looking for an answer for a friend, with diabetesT2 for years, & on 15 drugs. I bought him things that I thought would help and definitely needed (like a glucose meter, jabbers, and strips, in case he did what I suggested…time restricted eating, or intermittent fasting). I did what I suggested he do, even though I'm not DT2. I lost 25 lbs in about 2 months EASY! I pretty much do IF approx 12-16 every day. And I'm about the same. I don't have cravings, I don't self-prohibit anything, but I focus on nearly complete vegan diet, and when others offer things I normally don't eat, I eat those things, thankful for their graciousness and generosity. Then I go back to eating what I choose. There are many ways to fast, and so many more reasons to do it. So just decide to give it a go. Any day you try is a good day. Fail? Only when you don't try it again. Thanks Dr Fung, for initially asking the important questions for yourself to REALLY HELP your patients…and the world, including me. I'm indebted, and trying to pass it on. Just do it people; everything to gain (but weight, haha).

  15. What a wonderful study, you are an excellent scientist . you are a champion to care for public health and an enemy to food an drug companies. Capitalism will not like people like you, but we, the inform liberated people love you.

  16. "You're not getting fat because your overeating, you're overeating because you're getting fat."

  17. I thought your vids would be more popular. Such captivating presenting style and invaluable information! Thanks a million! ❀

  18. I hope Dr Fung reads this…please be vigilant as Big Pharma & Gov't do not like truth to disseminate and hurt their bottom line & agendas.

  19. Dr. you may understand my problem better. I am on dialysis. Diabetic for thirty years. I am on carb free diet. Although my glucose has become luwer than before. not enough to be in normal range of 5 mmol. Any time I eat protein it also raises my sugar. Sometime I have to take insulin. I have lost 20 lbs in one year. I think there is something else to control sugar. I am doing intermittent fast of 16:8 . But not getting desired results. Please advise.

  20. β€œA perfect 35 year track record, unblemished by success.”
    I’m not supposed to be listening at work, and just had to come up with an excuse as to why I suddenly bursted out laughing… Fantastic πŸ™‚

  21. Years ago I was working out in a gym every day after I worked construction all day. I went for long bike rides on saturday and hiked the same 10 miles every sunday. I lived on coffee and had to cut my calories to 1400 a day to drop my weight from 214 to 206 in 16 months. I was starving all day everyday. Just lowering your calories does not work. Eating everything in moderation to stay healthy is like saying you can use all the recreational drugs and alcohol you want in moderation, a little cocaine here a little heroin there, it makes no sense.

  22. An amazing and informative lecture. Dr Yung is brilliant. This truly gives me new hope!

  23. I have recently become very familiar with Dr Fung's work and I'm just reading his book 'The Obesity Code'. He is one of our contemporary geniuses and I highly recommend that all health practitioners become familiar with this life saving information. Thank you Dr Fung!

  24. Thank you Dr. Fung now I know what to with my blood sugar without necessarily going to my doctor Dr. Fung you are heaven sent to save people suffering from diabetis God Bless more power I really Love watching all your Videos

  25. I have since January lost a little more than 60lbs and totally changed my heath direction. I am forever thankful

  26. So why is it that people who go on a low-fat whole plant food diet lose weight and cure their diabetes and heart disease?

  27. Isn’t there a big difference between refined sugar and a natural starch like a potato.?

  28. Thank you for education us. I share your video s with friends because you realy make sens and kan back up your information.

  29. I am confused by the decrease in metabolic rate while following a caloric deficit diet…what was the starting metabolic rate baseline? Are we saying that very obese folk have amazing metabolic rates that plummet when they start to decrease caloric intake and increase exercise? That just seems odd to me as I always thought that unhealthy eating and exercise habits go with low metabolic response rates.

  30. 57:54 What? You are contradicting yourself. First you say no sugary food then you say fruit, which is sugary, is OK. How does fruit not spike insulin?

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