Dr. Molly Maloof joins Tom in this episode of Health Theory to talk blood sugar, when to include more carbohydrates in your diet, and the importance of stress-relieving recovery practices.

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Internal and external factors affects your health [0:35]
Quantitative measurements determine how healthy you are [01:28 ]
What does it really mean to be healthy? [02:33]
Disease causing factors are interconnected [04:37]
Why healthy organs correlate with healthy aging [5:50]
Why a health diagnosis is extremely beneficial [7:20]
Your metabolism is flexible [8:14]
Ways to lower your post-prandial glucose [10:00]
What type of diet is suited for your body? [13:03]
How your environment can affect your blood sugar levels [14:25]
Physical and emotional stress can cause metabolic derangements [16:07]
Why consuming whole foods is key to living a healthy life [17:00]
What it takes to go on an produce-only diet vs a ketogenic diet [18:55]
Why the “American diet” is toxic for your body [21:00]
Why vegetables are essential to your diet [22:40]
Different forms of fasting give you different outcomes [24:42]
Steps to effective fasting [25:33]
Why overworking yourself can be harmful [26:50]
Psychedelics can help you overcome trauma [28:22]
How your psychological state determines your posture [32:34]
Why emotional release practices are good for you [35:02]
Steps to improve your overall lifestyle and wellbeing [37:30]
One key tip to improve your health [40:00]

The Calorie Myth by Jonathan Bailor: https://amzn.to/2PMMzT3
The Whole30 by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig: https://amzn.to/2woy3ZD
The Ketamine Papers by Phil Wolfson and Glen Hartelius: https://amzn.to/2PGTcX4
The Wahls Protocol by Terry Wahls: https://amzn.to/2MBSIUt

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Comments (35)

  1. I'm not convinced that anything she's saying is really new. I am convinced that she uses a lot of jargon and technological words and concepts. I think she's making the classic mistake that most American Physicians make. Reductionism.

    Some might even say that existentially this error-prone, incomplete way of approaching health is something like using Newtonian physics in the medical world. In other words, "everything's about the particles and the way the particles interact".

    Holistic stuff isn't so easily measured. But, the Chinese have been pretty healthy these last few hundred years. As one example.

    In Newtonian physics, you're basically looking at stuff and measuring stuff. And in a field like Psycho- pharmaco-kinetics you're basically trying to look at how all the drugs the person might be taking are interacting with one another and impacting their Mental Health.

    We can't even figure out how all the drugs, legally prescribed, affect the person's physical health, much less their Mental Health!

    I kind of wonder if she was born 500 years ago and visited China where they recommended acupuncture, acupressure, improve diet, monitor stress, low-impact exercise, flexibility, if she would be open to it, or critical of it?

    In other words, ancient Chinese Physicians had a lot of this stuff figured out hundreds, and even over a thousand years ago. And here she is recommending a type of approach to life that's not new, but adds on a bunch of technology and jargon, and isn't really tied to how to implement such changes for the "average" person's, day-to-day routines.

    Another "craze" or "expert". A Guru? They come, and after they've come, they leave.

    What's worked for hundreds of years, across cultures, is sustainable, isn't a "fad" but is a healthy lifestyle?

    Modern medicine and educational approaches often ignore Ancient health practices, including practical implementation strategies.

    How to define "health"?

    Absence of disease doesn't really cover: fitness, ability to adapt, recovery, etc. But, its an ok woekung definution. Well, does that leave out anyone with a health diagnosis?

    The use of "jargon" and concepts people don't really grasp, even if they do care, is a problem for implementation.

    It's common knowledge that lowering of the blood sugar is a key. I think we've been hearing that for about 50 years. She ties it into using some sort of Technology, Continuous Glucose Monitoring, or checking our glucose everyday. Never mind 90% of Americans could not likely give a working understanding of the way Glucose functions in our lives or how it changes.

    Why use words and concepts without ensuring people are on-board. Put the cookies on the lower shelf where the kiddies can get 'em.

    She and he are flirting.

    She's cute and popular and he's really happy to be around her. Just being close to sexually attractive potential-partners can be fun. But he not questioning her, he's just affirming her. He doesn't want her unhappy with him. So, he challenges her exactly zero.

    He said she caters only to extremely wealthy people who can afford all these gimmicks and doo- dads and the money that goes along with it.

    The first thing that occurs to me, is she's making the same mistake that almost all American Physicians, and the entire American approach to healthcare makes.

    The Chinese were not Reductionist even though 1,000 years ago Ancient Chinese actually had every nerve pathway mapped out in the human body. Each nerve pathway can be less thick than a fraction of a human hair.

    (Think how many human bodies Ancient Chinese Doctors had to take apart fiber-by-fiber to map those neural pathways! How did people end up as the bodies they studied? Did they study both diseased and non-diseased bodies?)

    The Ancient Chinese were reccomending acupressure and acupuncture, considered far- out, bizarre concepts in tbe USA just 40 years ago.

    The Chinese doctors have recommended studying the whole person for at least a thousand years.

    Maybe we just do what the Chinese did until the modern diet. Just sayin'

    So my first point is nothing she's saying is actually new, or revolutionary, but is about a thousand years old, or so.

    And the Chinese didn't have any of that modern day technology such as continuous glucose monitoring systems, and all these fancy terms about whatever amount of carbohydrates or protein they're eating
    She uses jargon that excludes about 80% of all average people who are just trying to figure out if they shouldn't eat a bag of Cheetos for lunch with their lunch-meat, on bread with mayo, and a soda. .

    She hasn't said, this is how you feel when your blood sugar is low, medium , or high.

    What she's done is she's turned it back to technology: "Technologies are going to rescue us all out of these Health -defeating behaviors."

    I will definitely agree with her, having worked in Hospital systems,that it's all about diagnosing disability and disease and not at all about health.

    Health is really sadly still defined as the absence of measurable or significant disease. But since we all know that we're going to die, thats kind of like saying 100% of us are-pre or current disease.

    We spend hundreds of billions of dollars on stuff like dandruff shampoo, which can easily be caused by allergies to wheat or other food. Remive posdibke alkergens. Dogs can suffer from yeast infections and debilitating skin problems from eating wheat.

    Humans are allergy prone. But, in looking for quick solutions to symptoms, and not really to removing the causes of the disease, people use drugs to cover over a symptom. And, thats not inckuding using drugs, alcohol, addictive behaviors, etc. Indifestion is largely caused by diet. Changing diet is the proper behavior. Using medications to reduce symptoms caused by a poor diet is American.

    Lack of taking redponsibility for ones health is probably the leading cause of sickness and feeling bad.

    Get rid of disease, get rid symptoms. Not sure what shes selling, but it can't be a fad. Ancient people didn't eat too much, over time. Fasting was normal before 24/7 stores and electric freezers. You could eat after you harvested. Animal meat was typically infrequent compared to non-meat nutrition.

    She's so darned pretty, it's easy to just ignore some of the stuff she's saying and find points of agreement.

    Her and his personal stories didn't in any way generalize to anyone else except themselves. She said she went on this all-meat diet, for one month, and that she didn't feel so good afterwards. And then he brags about having gone on this all meat -diet for 9 months, and gives a vague description of "it was amazing"? What does he mean by amazing? What does he mean by, "it changed my relationship with hunger"? Nobody knows.

    These people aren't really giving any good advice that can be generalized to the average person, how they could just start with today, make some changes, in a particularly more healthful direction.

    Is interested in studying Eskimos, they were on a virtually 100% meat diet for about 6 months out of the year. From what I've heard no, Eskimos were fairly healthy like many Native cultures before the introduction of certain foods and diseases. I've heard that the Eskimos live rather short lives.

    I guess my point, is I'm not sure how this thing ended up in my feed, but I don't think she has anything particularly interesting to say, or can be relied on

    We have cultures that we've yet to really study what they're doing and have done to avoid diseases.

  2. Tom. Man up and do some psychedelics! They are the ultimate tool of for personal growth. There is more risk in not trying and stagnating. Good luck!

  3. Although she is a doctor, I don’t think she is an expert on Keto. She also has an agenda – she doesn’t like meat because it’s bad for the environment. So our ancestors thousands of years ago whom mainly ate a carnivore diet were hurting the environment???

    On Keto – If your body thinks you’re starving and begins to loose muscle, then you’re not eating 80% fat and need more. I’ve been on Keto for a year and I’ve never felt better. I’m shredded and gained muscle my implementing a weight training routine. I have finally gotten control of my hunger. It’s sustainable for me.

  4. I'm interested to know what Peter Attia actually said with regards to 50% of people not responding to Keto. Seems like a very vague statement.

  5. Like, I don't know what you're talking about. It's not like Americans are, like, saying "like", like, all the time. Like, sometimes they say things like, "um" and "uh" instead of "like", or even "ah". Sometimes, we um, like, uh, put them all together.

  6. As a remodeling contractor that also does weights and cardio everyday, and a vegetarian, her point that it's almost impossible to get enough protein through just plants is just not true. Just go to YouTube and look at all of those that are some of the healthiest folks alive. Meat may be the EASIEST way to get a lot of protein in just a few ounces, it is absolutely possible and quite easy to do it with plants and vegetables.
    Other than that comment, I think she's a brilliant and hopefully will see more of her in mainstream media. Thank you for all of your hard work!

  7. OK – so I hear about glucose monitoring (either continuous or finger prick…I don't mindfinger pricking at all)

    BUT in terms of how to apply/interpret the data, I'm having trouble finding anything besides diabetes management, etc

    here can I find info on general health/performance/athletics, as it relates to glucose monitoring?

  8. hi Tom,
    My mum was on diabetes Meds for 15yrs +_ high BP + Cholesterol medicine, she started. i followed china study diet and she got rid of all her meds in 1 month. and also she lost about 8kgs. She try never to miss her 2km evening walk . my point is she is eating around 800gm of Fruit (weighed after cut and peeled) everyday but didn't gain weight.

  9. bmo

    Great interview. I wish she didn't speak in 1.5X and slur her words, to allow for digesting of her ideas.

  10. The label "Psychedelics can help you overcome trauma" only touches on one aspect of what she talks about at that point in the conversation. We all want to work hard but Molly starts to describe simple common step things you can do to recover daily and weekly from that kind of traumatic, tough lifestyle. It was really helpful.

  11. This woman is so wise for someone only in her 30s. She is such a gorgeous human being inside and out from what I can tell in this video. What a great interview! Thank you for sharing.

  12. In the days of working the farm and growing all our own food (no mass production, industrial stress, and plastic), this was never a discussion. Lots of natural exercise, fresh air and a balanced, natural diet. This is how we should look to returning and this also would enhance reversing the abomination of what we are doing to the earth's balance. WAKE UP. This industry living off all our mistakes is ridiculous.

  13. "you might be uncomfortable" when Molly said that re: the plants and veggies only diet for a few weeks I giggled because besides hunger I thought she meant gas from all the veggie fiber.

  14. I heard/read about how dry fasting resets female hormones. Overall, her opinions just show how this topic just keeps evolving. And I always comment on this – Tom always thinks the way science is established in the West is the only valid way. Now he is slowly realizing the power of the science behind concepts and techniques like yoga. And besides that a lot of science came from places like India. Examples- dentistry (dent means gums in Sanskrit and other Indian languages) and many forms of surgery.

  15. Fiber theory and eating a ton of vegetables like she is saying are all the theories that are slowly being revealed to be false information.

  16. Microbiom grows to digest the food we eat regularly. Not viceversa. We need to eat the foods that don't get us inflamation…and that the microbiom will modify accordingly to what we eat. Now there are different kind of genotype of people…that is why for some carnivore is a blessing and others do best on frutarian…etc. that is why a diet plan is not a fit all application. So…this lady is out of date …but well…that is what works for her….

  17. What was that type of massage she is doing? I don't think I'm spelling it correctly for Google…

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