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I’m 5’5, 177 lbs

Comments (27)

  1. Dude, jedd, love the vids. Perfect logos for all the techniques floating around. I like ur general variation over muscles in the lift. But, cuño 165 lbs maxing out bench??! You must only b 5'6"

  2. I’m not gonna lie I was a lil bored watching your video after a few other channels.
    But your information & overall video is great thanks for the tips & ideas. I’m starting a new push/push split on Monday.
    Thinking about adding quads & calfs to push & ham/gluteus to pull. Instead of a full separate leg day & I can use that for plyo & Hiit training etc

  3. My heels don't reach the ground during bench press, what do? I'm thinking of buying a wooden plank and cutting it to give me a 3 inch raise from the ground to rest my feet on. I saw in the video Jeff arches so much his legs are almost standing, isn't that too much though?

  4. The programming is fairly sound, but your form on some of the movements…no mind-muscle connection, tempo too fast, no squeezing of the muscle at the top of the movement, a lot of momentum on the tricep exercises…wow

  5. that overhead shoulder pressing… and the internal rotation of the shoulder with the triceps exercise….my god, boy, that's a long term recipe for shoulder disaster.

  6. Hi! I have your Push Pull Leg book, but there is a question. How i should use the training programme. week 1 from block 1 then week 2 from block 2? Or go on block 1 and after that go for block 2? Just you said, failure is the goal in block 2, then whats the point to train for 8 weeks without any failure?


  7. Thanks coach your channel is very helpful specially your videos Is based on the science literature… Keep help us 👌💪

  8. Are you against dips, or do you just not prefer them? Would love to know your reason(s) for not including them, as I find them great for chest building.

  9. I have been alternating your science based push/pull/legs two different workouts for 6 weeks now, how much long should I use these workouts before I switch to something else

  10. If you don't look at him speak, you can easily see a skinny science nerd with his lab coat on 😂 open your eyes and your like hey!

  11. I do all of those + heavy dips should I keep doing them or that will result too much volume and I should stop doing them?

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