Have you ever wondered how to train on a hangboard? Have you ever wondered how much better you will be at climbing if you train on a hangboard? Make sure to watch the video to find out. Prior to filming this video, I had zero experience in training on the hangboard. This video documents how I figured out the training and the amazing progress I made in just 30 days of training.

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There are a few seconds from each of the video below for this video

The North Face: Mountain Athletics – Hangboard 10X10s Workout

Chris Sharma “Mallorcan Dreams”

Indoor Rock Climbing Training Video with Paul Robinson (4K)

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Comments (33)

  1. Loved your video! Let’s collaborate and make you a training/climbing plan when I am back in the states! Would be a great video for people of all abilities!

  2. Adam Ondra will have last longer than the board, i bet that board will crack before he let go.

  3. What were the schedule of sessions exactly? I can't climb anymore because of a discopathy but I am looking into hanging since i've never tried it. How many sessions per day and how many rep did you do?

  4. Let me guess : 10 years of 'practice' means practicing once every few months.

    If you actually practiced anything,by now you would have been a beast.You haven't got a single muscle on your hands,which is literally IMPOSSIBLE if you were climbing 10 years,even on average like you say.

  5. Me: watch swimming vids
    YouTube recommendation :

    Still enjoy it tho, maybe I'll try this when I go to college. Anyway, Do you have any tips for pull up training? I just can't pull my body up

  6. Beware of hang-boarding as a real beginner.

    If you never did any though exercises with your finger you should approach the hang-boarding with caution.
    It takes time for tendons and bones to strengthen, more time than is needed to built up muscles.

  7. I managed two seconds… I'm not built for this, I have a short heavy endomorph build, Ideally you need a light skinny ectomorth build like these guys.

  8. It's not called infinite percent improvement, it's called I was able to start and hold for 4 seconds. 😒😑😑

  9. Actually just started hang boarding myself. I will try this regimen. Thanks for the video!

  10. Should I have a rest day or is it ok to train everyday for the 30 days? Thank you for the video, it was very helpful!

  11. The reason you found little to no success after 10 years of climbing is because you said you we’re avoiding holds you think you can’t do. For me personally yes hangboards work and they help a lot with grip strength but a big part is trying the holds and failing the problem until you figure out how to wrap your fingers around wether its a crimp or a pinch or whatever you’reclimbing but that makes a huge difference and makes learning progression and getting better faster plus you learn technique slowly, building your climbing skill

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