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  1. does this apply to the 99 model also? i've replaced …. plugs, wires, coils, o2 sensors, injectors ….. still a misfire

  2. Would this cause a car to not drive? Car has bad misfire when I put it in reverse or drive I have to hold throttle down almost all the way to get it to move at all.

  3. The step by step on the intake gasket replacement is great, but why do I cringe everytime I see you use that drill driver to tighten those new spark plugs 🀣

  4. I have a 2006 Matrix with 125k. Runs perfect. However, it's great to have as this is a common problem. I've also heard of spraying water to see if engine stumbles.

  5. I have a 06 Toyota matrix and replaced the intake manifold gasket and im still having misfiring in all for cylinders and suggestions

  6. Mr. Daniel this video was very outstanding great job best video I've seen I have a 2007 Corolla S automatic and it high revs right off the bat and stays at about 2000 RPMs it will idle at stop lights like it wants to give out sometimes it feels like a misfire though the car will rattle noticeably but im for certain that this is the problem because I've had the same mishap a numerous amount of times, but great camera edits, great how to do, great step by step structured process as far as how you did it hands on, please make more videos Man Ive gone through so many but they don't do them as thorough as you do definitely worth a like And subscribe πŸ‘

  7. The number spark plugs 1zz-fe 1.8 should be in ur owner's manual n look it up in google or just call or pay visit 2 ur dealer part they should tell U.

  8. Genuyine Toyota parts sometimes can buy quite cheaper than Toyota dealers that seems to be charge too much… So I take aback that Toyota dealer, but like online dealer like Main Part Toyota in Tennese has exact Toyota parts of quite cheapter than Ur local T-dealer part departments' price, CZ I brough few n it is cheaper than U know…

  9. I Thz 2-VERY MUCH indeed (!)-Nathan Glentworth-4-updated infor to use "updated orange silicone intake gasket from Toyota dealer parts department!" We all know nothing is permernant, but the oragnge gasket likely made 2-3 times longer than "black gasket" I hope. I will try oragne color gasket THANKS so much 2 Nathan…

  10. verb tense, "he used, NOT "he use" N " I agree with… n when he tightened, pass tense should be used, also demonstrated officially N validated…"

  11. Well done Dan, 4 Bobby FYI, spark plug torque is 15LB 4 Corolla n Dan is very close to that, CZ he know after got tighten, he just use 4-fingers us tight, not using FULL-HAND power torque tight. I have torque wrench, but it is pricy, I paid over 100, did not have to. I approve, does not mean much, but agree with what Dan did in placement of torque wrench when he tighten spark plugs that U don't really need indeed n I C Dan has Automotive Excellence Serivice Certificate DOES show, delinate, he has been well trained AND also demonstrated offically validated his automotive technology knowledge in offical setting! Well done again, from Capitol of Sillicon Valley, SJ, CA, USA

  12. Need help – I got 2013 Corolla LE with 194k KM, changed oil regularly. When I bought at 151k KM, it used to give me 600KM for full 40L Tank. It gradually decreased to only 450KM for full tank. Also sometimes I smell gas or rotten egg smell while driving. No codes or error comes up. Any advice?

  13. Just because you did all those works, does not minds the car is fixed" usually when you delete the DTC codes with the scanner, IT takes about two or four days, to shows the engine light again, because the DTC was not fixed misfire is about, fuel injection,ignition or cilinder problems.

  14. I love the 'weight reduction comment' (plastic part that broke – 8 min) LOL! I am glad that car will go faster now!

  15. Amazing! Just did this on my 2009 Corolla + 4 new spark plugs and works like a charm!!!! Thanks a lot!!! Greetings from Argentina πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  16. Thank you man for this video. God bless you. I have so much trouble with 2000 Toyota corolla . It runs lean 171 error code. This morning driving early to work I hear some "" gun sounds "" from the exhaust. Seeing your video I was happy. Hopefully it will help me fix my only transportation.

  17. Mr. Dan my engine problem is when I am on motion and the engine is hot and try to increase the speed to 100 the engine check light will come on and the car will began to mis Fire, what do I do?

  18. Great detailed video. These codes were my exact codes. This repair is exactly what it needed. Great idea removing the whole throttle body…saved having coolant all over my garage. My advice, when you order the gasket, order the throttle body gasket as well. Mine peeled a bit when I removed the throttle body…save yourself the extra trip. GREAT VIDEO

  19. I need help with my cylinder 3 misfire and lean Fuel code, my mechanic replaced coil packs and plugs and still causing missfire in number 3. Would I have a pontiac vibe with similar engine. I wonder if this is the issue.

  20. Need your opinion. Have P0171 on a β€˜06 Corolla and misfires in banks 1-4. I changed out the spark plugs literally 4 months ago, so I have completed the following: cleaned MAF sensor and throttle body. Put in new intake manifold gasket. Same codes are throwing. Do you think I could have bought a bad batch of plugs? What would YOU do in this situation because I am stuck. Thanks.

  21. I've had several codes coming up on my 2003 Corolla. Engine running lean, Multiple Cylinder Misfire, Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 1… All related. The amount of time I wasted watching other videos about is is REDICULOUS. Too many who can't speak the language going over every irrelevant God damn detail making it so painful to get through.
    Daniel, this 1 video nailed them all. To add, you speak clear English. Had I watched this one first I would have saved myself a lot of time and irritation. Keep up the good work!

  22. I wish u could come to Trinidad and check my car I have dis same engine I get a vibration on a red light or a stop on d left side. and I have a misfire to and dem mechanic don't know shit.

  23. Haven't had to do that on my 05 yet but it only has 96k on it. Belt tensioner has been replaced once under warranty and again by my with a upgraded one though

  24. Just a heads up. Be careful with the brake cleaner and plastic intakes. I have seen them in the shop backfire up through the intake when checking for intake leaks and bust the intake assy. I do enjoy watching the videos they are very informative.

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