Basic Web Request Pro is an asset created to perform HTTP requests (GET and POST) to a web server(PHP or NODEJS).
Web Request Pro is an UnityWebRequest API-based implementation.The highlight of this asset is to perform GET and POST operations in a simple, easy and functional way with few lines of code.

this asset are therefore a good way of doing relatively slow-paced messages to a server (such as moves in a
turn-based game, or submission of high scores for any game).

asset download:

– Easy to send and receive messages from a nodeJS or PHP server.

– Login System(PHP/NODEJS +MYSQL).

– Sign Up System (PHP/NODEJS +MYSQL).

– Edit and Delete users from data base (CRUD) (PHP/NODEJS +MYSQL).

– High Scores System(PHP/NODEJS +MYSQL).



Check out out basic web request pro test:

Check out our PHP Server:

Check out our NodeJS server:

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