Learn the basics to use VIM as your editor for PHP/Symfony development.

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Carlos Mafla @gigo6000 (https://twitter.com/gigo6000)

VIM can be a great editor for PHP/Symfony development, after using VIM for many years this talk shows why VIM can be a great alternative for web development.

Dotfiles: ➜ https://github.com/gigo6000/dotfiles

Slides: ➜ https://www.slideshare.net/CarlosMafla1/using-vim-for-phpsymfony-development

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  1. I used vim for everything for over a decade until I figured it's like using a 17th century lawnmower to do the work of a next gen electric sports car. You can kind of get it to drive but hell is it clumsy. Seriously, use the right tool for the job. Phpstorm will make your life so so so much easier and you can still use vim keybindings.

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