When buying an inexpensive AK-47 rifle, there are certain items you should inspect first. The WASR 10 AK-47 is a fine entry-level AK-47, but it doesn’t hurt to check it out first.

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  1. My rear sight is canted left. I saw a video where the guy says it’s just the sight leaf itself being in crooked but mines not that way. On mine the entire sight base is a few degrees off to the left. I only looked at the front sight at the store. Not a game breaker but I don’t think there’s a way to actually fix it

  2. A Tapco magazine would be somewhat snug; eastern com-block will have some wobble in the magazine which is not a disqualifier unless the magazine falls out while testing.

  3. These used to go for $300-400 at the gun shows in the Bush years. SKS used to be $250 a piece out the door. I see Wasr for $525 now. Not bad, especially after they've been improved.

  4. The only issue I had with my WASR-10 was a trigger walk out, all I needed was a trigger retaining plate and it was good as new. I recommend everyone that owns the WASR to buy a retaining plate which is under $10

  5. So if I got a ak with the rail mount that is visually sloped down. Not extremely sloped but enough to notice. Is there any way to fix it or something that can help level out a rail if I mount one to my gun. If not what is the best alternative rail mount. I know of the dust cover one and the gas tube ones but what is better or is there a better method than one of those two.

  6. I got mine for $400 with cleaning kit and two 30 round mags back in 08. It doesn't have a canted front sight, rivets are pressed correctly and all parts have matching numbers

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