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Comments (46)

  1. i feel for that guy at 6:13 one time i forgot to chamber a round before the game started so when i turned the corner to shoot a guy, i pulled the trigger 4 times with nothing happening then i got shot by the guy i was menacingly waving a harmless pistol at

  2. Is this really Code Red Airsoft Park?. The only Code Red field that i know of is in Perris, California and this looks neither like the airsoft or non shared paintball fields 🤔

  3. 7:00 lvl 1 v lvl 140 noobs just walking around with there weapons aimed at the ground… "but there laser light might alert the enemy" lol

  4. Is it just me or do you guys keep getting that green juice powder ad popping up everywhere and on every video?

  5. Max

    Yknow, I just realized something.

    You know Jet. The guys at Corridor know Jet.

    Do you know the guys at Corridor?

  6. i have the black spring powered plastic gersion i like it better because you dont have to say its very fragile and you can het it wet

  7. dude…. is that an orange integra at 2:30 ish if so…. poor, poor chassis man; don't get me wrong I love airsofting but they could have used a more poopy car. Great video by the way LCG, keep up the good work! 😀

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