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In this video we discuss the changes to a bodybuilder’s physique after they retire.
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  1. Just wanted to throw a comment in… Randomly was shown this and happened to click on it for some reason. You happened to have the code for the scale posted up and I clicked on it. Well it was on sale for $19.99 and with the code it was free. All I had to pay was $6.99 shipping!! Will update on how well it works.

  2. LOu Forrigno's return was the best return. Also Bill Pearl at 40 something winning the universe. 10 years after his last show. You're kind of young to see all that in history.

  3. Their muscle is big, but their brain?
    Put essesive protein in to ur body is damage ur liver and kidney. They looks good but they sacrifice their life.

  4. Love Jay ! He's such a stand up dude , he deserves nothing but respect from the fit community. On the other hand i feel like phil isn't as humble and though deserves the win for at least 6 of those 8 Mr. Olympia titles he's pretty much a tool and seems arrogant about everything. Especially when he took the losses he's a horrible loser. Jay's wins are half as many as Phil's but are worth 15 of Phil's wins any day . Team Jay all day πŸ’ͺ😝

  5. I would like to clarify something…these are not "health" issues, they are "drug" issues. These guys were/are drug addicts, which is the only way they are capable of growing so large.

  6. It's gunna be interesting to see how Jay's doing into his 50's. With him still juicing I think Murphy will appear with his law book eventually.

  7. Half these men are over 50years old. So how about you piss off and give them a break. Guaranteed that everyone will change by 50+, don’t hold the greats to a high expectation.

  8. Bro please stop advertising this labertorie steroids users. They are not athletes just bags of water ☠

  9. Paul dilett have fall down on stage not because cramping, he have falldown because he have taking to much insuline same dallas mccarver ! People are not ready for the Big Dark Side effects !

  10. Same as when soccer players retire.
    Same as when nba players retire
    You can't do everything for ever

  11. I didnt start steroids till i was 47 yrs old. All those yrs of natural bodybuilding , everyone thought i was lying , but now i can say yes i do cycle quality Gear and no i didnt do steroids training at the Mecca from 1988 through 2002 when my friends kept asking what are you on , just clean eating and lots of cardio

  12. What do you mean Jay was"nowhere near" what he was he's so freaking close to what he was ( like 15% less) compared to the other guys who aren't even recognizable?…. Come on.

  13. Another great analysis of greatness achieved..so true about Cutler.. he's definitely a class act. Thank you πŸ‘πŸ‘

  14. You mean what happens when insecure, male losers stop taking steroids? Only natural body builders should be respected.

  15. The before/after is so dramatic and so terrifying, that it really underscores how unhealthy and abnormal BB is.

  16. Cutler still on some growth enhancing drugs…. therefore, i am not sure he deserves the complement in the video
    They were treated like Gods for years…. they would probably do it all over again

  17. retirement out of necessity, all bodybuilders have additional health issues brought on by the need to get bigger or will eventually develop health issues which may or may not have popped up if they possibly had never consumed the massive amount of steroids they have, it just ain't normal

  18. Careful calling someone a "beast" Nick, apparently calling people(especially black/colored) animal or beast nowadays is considered discrimination.


  20. all steroids.
    each and every 1 of them.
    wats the point in flaunting those artificial muscles like tat.
    most normal ppl wd defeat these so called body builders in arm wrestling im sure.
    just bloated hollow or watery muscles no real strength inside.
    ronnie coleman, jay cutler my foot.
    y doesnt mr olympia etc disallow steroid users from competing ??
    cmon lets just hv the natural ones there.
    it will promote gud health in a way too

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